Change is happening





The energy is ripe for transitions and choices are best made when you are clear on your motivations and your intentions.Do not procrastinate or run away from the truth for that will only serve to create more challenges and really that is not what you want.Be clear and believe in yourself and your abilities to surmount the next mountainfor below you there will be a valley filled with richness and light.Be brave and take that leap of faith and trust in the softness of the landing.





See clearly what is before you.Ask your angels for help if you need.There are wonderful people all around you and the support is available to you.Remember to keep your life balanced with workplayand with love.See the magic in life all around you and attract more of that into your heart.Magical opportunities await you and the best thing to do is allow for the transformation of old thoughts and feelings and release the Caterpillar from its cocoon.





The Mantra for today is: "I release and allow the transformation of my thoughts and feelings to support me and my growth.I can clearly see the best path before me!"





And so it is





You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides







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