Getting Through the rainy times





There are days when the rain falls.It is an important part of the cycle of life.Embrace those days and see them as ways of cleansing what is no longer viable and nourishing what needs to be nourished.When the rain clears the world looks fresh and renewed.So shall it be with your perspective in life.Look forward to the rainbows that will shine with the light letting you know that soon this too shall pass just like any other storm that happens to come your way.





Your angel guidance is to remember that in every life a little rain will fall.Know that you can choose to dance in rain and celebrate what it is washing away and then look for the rainbows and know that better things are ahead of you.





The mantra for today is:"When it rains I always take a look around for the rainbows!





And so it is




You are dearly loved and supported always the angels and guides



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