So many of you feel you lose the magic of the holidays as you get older.Let's explore why that is.




As a child you were filled with wonder.You were fully present and open to possibilities with eyes that could see the magic of an individual snowflake and a playful heart that followed the path of joy.You were open with all of your senses to fully experience.




Dear Ones you can decide right now to bring that wonder back into your holidays.Allow yourself to feel.Take a moment to stop and be present.Bask in the influx of the golden Christed energies or whatever higher dimensional energies feel good to you.Choose connection.Sing.Create.Love.Give thanks.Believe in magic and miracles.




The difference between child you and adult you is simply that you got too busy and distracted to feel your full presence and all the delight it brings.The good news is if it is a skill you had once it is a skill you still have.You can move back into presence whenever you like.It just may feel so wonderful that you decide to carry those energies with you well beyond the holidays into the New Year and beyond.~Archangel Gabriel






翻译:Nick Chan





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