It is very common to feel a sense of disconnection when you are in the process of leaving one energetic phase for another.You have largely released yourself from many old energies but haven't yet created connections into the new.It can feel disconcerting to be sure but during such a phase it is important to remember that keeping your sights set on where you wish to go is how to navigate such times.





Think of a ship that sets sail leaving one land and heading for another.You energetically detach from the old place but there is a process of being out at sea.During that phase you are filled with excitement with the potentials and possibilities that have led you to wish to travel to the new vistas.Even while you can't see land in any direction it is your faith and focus that allows you to stay on course until the new landscape becomes visible on the horizon.Then you land and it is time for you to work in the new energies that support you in the manifestation of those hopes and dreams.





So it is for many of you as you shift out of a year of completion into a year of creation.You are clear on what you wish to leave behind as well as where you would like to go.By staying aligned with the new energies that better match who you are you will soon bring them more tangibly into your awareness and then truly begin to create the new connections your soul is yearning for.~Archangel Gabriel







翻译:Nick Chan





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