You Choose




To choose one's attitude is to choose one's way.If you are unhappy with the scenes that are playing out before youthen you know it is time for some deep introspection and look at what attitudes need some adjustments and which ones need to be transformed completely into something more supportive of your intentions and your goals.It is important to get really clear and focused for what is to come your way.




Choose wisely for yourself and you will find it gets easier to make those choices.You will trust your connection to your wise self and you will trust your instincts more.Practice honing these skills and you will find the path of least resistance seems to light upas if by magicfor you to followwith guideposts marking the way.





The Mantra for today is"I choose my attitude to help me manifest my intentions in the best possible light."





And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides






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