Note from Zane




I AM re-posting this message, which I originally channelled and posted on the 29/05/2019, almost a year to the day. I feel this message is more relevant now than ever and it is so important that we all stay grounded and not get caught up in the drama unfolding. There is and will be many distractions purposely circulated, known as psychological warfare. This has been occurring for a long time, but is now being heavily amplified as it is [their] last attempt to halt humanities forward movement, but it will and has already failed.




It still takes “time” for events to manifest on a global scale, but know the light has prevailed. It is now a matter of manifesting this accomplishment on the Earth. To do so, we are most powerful when we are in the Now moment, when we are in a state of peace and neutrality. We are not in this space if we are constantly getting caught up in the drama unfolding. So we must all do our best to detach from it. This means staying away from the news and even social media as much as possible, as it is so easy to gt caught up scrolling through a feed on FB or IG, a time when you can be bombarded with so many different thoughts and emotions. Detach and put it down. Get outside in nature as much as possible. Read enlightening books or watch funny movies, something that makes you laugh.




Now is certainly not the time to lower your vibration and become distracted by half-truths and false stories. Detachment is key, especially from the media. Let the truths that you need to know, that serve you in this moment, come to you. Stop the fight with “the powers that were”, because in truth, that is to continue the battle within. As hard as it may seem, we must love and forgive all who have appeared “evil” or “dark” because they are us, reflections of our inner darkness and to hate or have anger towards them, is to only have hate and anger towards yourself and fellow people.




Stay neutral, in peace and away from distracting material. Let the truth come to you and most importantly use discernment before you take anything onboard. The quicker we can all find neutrality, peace and balance within, it can be reflected across the planet.




Last night the man o’ war or jellyfish came to me. It delivers a perfect message for this time and the moment we are in. The following message is taken from the Saltwater Reading Cards Guidebook by Laura Bowen.


昨晚,《man o’ war or jellyfish》向我前来。它为我们所处的这个时刻提供了一则完美的信息(译注:就是下面图片,应该是出自上面这本书)。