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The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 06, 2017





Your pineal glands are already open and activated, and working as a gland that is changing from the physicality inside of you.  Feel your skin as it changes.  Be aware of what you eat.  I am not telling anybody to only eat vegan, or only vegetarian, or only this that or the other.  But some people may need more meat.  Others may need more fruit.  Others may need more vegetables.  So listen to what your body is asking for and it may be trial and error.  The more you listen the more it responds the more you know.  The cellular intuition is a part of the expanded DNA and this is very much the next step of the phase of the integration.




So the cells that make up your body are literally speaking to you, assisting you and supporting you in your life.




The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 05, 2017




Your bodies, your physical bodies are changing dramatically.  As you release the carbon your bones, your muscles, your ligaments, all of it will it change.  Go with the flow.  Listen to your inner guidance.  You may say ‘well I cannot tell what is my inner guidance and what isn’t’.  Practice breathing deeply into your heart center and just clearing out the layers of the chatter that may be going around you, and then ask what do I need, and then listen to that inner voice.  If it takes you days, weeks, months to create change, it’s all good.  It’s having that intended intent to change that begins the process.




The Goddess of Creation's Daily Message May 04, 2017




Speaking of the new children coming into the earth:




Most recently, in the last while since, particularly since 2012 and also since 2008, these children that are now here, their DNA is different.  They already have the alignment to the higher vibration intrinsically built within them.  For some it is very dormant as a protection.  Others it is wide open.  You as the Light Workers that you are can have that intention that in your prayers or your dream state that you send that soothing, balanced energy out to these individuals to create calm, peace, balance.




So many of you who are here listening to this you are the masters. You have done this before.  Bring through those memories.  Bring up that awareness within yourself.  The key is that now you finally have the support of the collective consciousness, of Gaia, of the universe.  We are all in alignment to support you.  Breathe in all of what that potential is for you.

A Journey of 14 Years


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