Dear Ones, whichever phase you find yourselves in, it is divinely perfect for you.


If you are in a solitary phase, it is opening you to deeper exploration of self, a discovery of new ways of connection, preparation of deeper connection when you emerge, or perhaps you are simply being an energetic space holder if you have done a lot of inner work already.


If you are experiencing being confined with loved ones, this is an opportunity for you to spend quality time, and to become more aware of ways those relationships work and ways they need to shift. You will also be given the chance to see each individual’s needs (including your own) that perhaps you weren’t aware of before or weren’t ready to recognize and address. Much rebalancing and healing can occur from those discoveries.


If you are someone who is still working by providing essential services, or as a front line responder, you are stepping forward in the exact service your soul is wishing to offer and experience. The same it is for those of you who have come up with solutions to support those who are in service, or those who are in need within your communities.


What we wish for you to understand is all of it is serving the whole. Every single phase, whichever you are in, is allowing a deeper knowing of self. You are all stepping into this time of transformation with your whole hearts and full cooperation, however it is unfolding for you, even if you don’t understand the full purpose of it all at this time.


However you are experiencing the pandemic is exactly how your soul will get the greatest expansion and support to move forward into the next phase of your lives. Trust, Dear Ones, that you cannot get it wrong and your soul knows exactly what it is doing. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



原文: https://trinityesoterics.com/daily-message/

翻译:Nick Chan







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