I am Judas Iscariot and I want you to think today about what the resurrection means for you. Can it be to ascend up into the higher regions when you die? The opportunity to meet your near and dear, who have left you and ascended up in a higher spiritual world. The only thing that remained was the body that slowly decomposed and returned to its own source. Or can it be something more? Can it be that we refine our bodies in order to get them to vibrate at a higher note so that we can ascend up into the higher worlds with our own body? It is just getting lighter and more airy and a bit more transparent. What did Jesus do? Did he raise his vibration in the body so that he could ascend in it? Was this what he showed? – The opportunity for mankind to increase its light and its vibration, so that they would be able to ascend together with Earth into the higher worlds of light and love. Did Jesus come down to Earth to show you the way to ascend up in the higher regions of light and love without having to leave your body behind on Earth? Was this what his teachings were all about – That he foretold a time that would arrive when Earth and all that lives on it would ascend in its light and love? Was Jesus a forerunner to this time? Maybe a living proof that this could be possible? Is this not were we are today? Our Earth is ascending and our bodies develop and become lighter for each day that passes. Has the light not come now that will help us to ascend more in love and light? Is there not much talk about peace and love on Earth today? Has people’s approach to life changed a bit?




Yes, I think so. People want to have peace, they want to have justice and they want a world where we help each other. There is much compassion today for our brothers and sisters. They want to make sure that everybody will have the opportunity to have a good life. It is of course obvious that everybody should have access to water, food and a roof over their heads. It feels frustrating for many that those who have the resources do not understand this and carry out the will of the people. Maybe it is time for reele·ct·ion J. People prote·st against au·thorit·ies today – they have to have their freedom back and demand that which belongs to them. They have seen through the corr·uption and its many lies. There is now an on-going wave reorganization by people who understand and have a will to do what is good for the world. Things are happening in your world dear children on Earth. Things are moving a little bit everywhere and it is you that as a collective humanity that have started it. The seeds that were sown 2000 years ago and now have taken root and started to bloom. Your Earth is ascending up to the light regions and so are you my dear humanity. You have taken the spoon out of your mouth and started to grow with a bang. You have exchanged your baby shoes for some bigger shoes so that they now fit your feet better. It is a stormy but wonderful time that now lies ahead of you. Nothing can get worse: Everything can just get better – Better and better for each day…as it was written in a song some years ago.


是的,我想是的。人们想要和平,他们想要正义,他们想要一个互相帮助的世界。今天我们的兄弟姐妹们有着许多的同情心。他们想要确保每个人有机会去拥有一个美好的生活。当然,很明显每个人应该能拥有水,食物和住所。那些有资源但不明白这一点,并不履行人民的意志之人让许多人感到沮丧。也许是时候让人民(J. People)抗议当---他们必须拿回自己的自由,拿回属于他们的东西。他们已经看穿腐敗和许多的谎言。现在有一个正在进行的重整,由明白并愿意去做为了世界良善之事的人所发起。事情正在世界各地发生,亲爱的孩子们。事情正在世界各地取得进展,你们,作为一个集体,启动了它。种子在2000年前被种下,现在已经扎根并开始绽放。地球正在扬升到光之领域,你也是,亲爱的人类。你把勺子从嘴里拿出,敲击出巨大的声响。你把你的婴儿鞋换成了更大的鞋子,这样它们可以更匹配你的脚。这是暴风雨但奇妙的时刻。没什么会变得更糟:一切只会更好---每一天变得更好...就像在许多年前的一首歌中所写


Yes, my friends, it is now time to roll up the sleeves and assist our Earth in her large transformation. It is by holding your light alive that you give the largest support to Mother Earth. You also do it by holding on to the truth that you feel in your heart. Follow your path dear Earthlings in light and truth and you will now walk along the path that your Master Jesus showed you. Jesus was the path to truth and light. He showed how you could ascend to the higher regions of light. The path goes through your own heart, the light of Mother Earth and the light of Father/Mother God. In this trinity you can ascend to unexpected heights.




We ascend with you dear children on Earth. We are here and we help you now. Be strong in your own spirit. Have trust in yourself. You are bigger than you think.




The peace dove is flying over your Earth today. It coos of joy as the time for peace is now here for Mother Earth. It is time to celebrate dear children – it is time to celebrate.




Much love,Judas




犹大 20170401 和平的时代

通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan



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