I am Judas Iscariot and I have a few things to tell you today. It is hard for humans to trust their heart. They often prefer to listen to others and believe what they say. It is as if the certainty in the heart is not enough, it must be verified several times over by others before one accepts. The thing is that it might have changed from the light and clear message in your heart to a more diffuse message, even if some of the truth is still there.




Most of what is being said has some truth to it, but it can be distorted as it is being spread around. You have all played the game of whispering, where somebody starts to whisper a sentence in one ear and then it goes around until the last man/woman pronounces the sentence he/she had heard. At the tail end it can be a completely new sentence. It can become so bad that nothing of the first sentence remains. You know all this, but in spite of this you do not listen to the only true source – the one you have in your heart. As soon as you distrust your heart you move back up into your head, and there are many impressions, doubts and searches going on up there.


大多数所说的话有着一些真理在里面,但它可以被扭曲,随着散播。你们都玩耍过窃窃私语的游戏,某个人开始在一个人的耳边低语一句话,然后直到最后一个人大声地宣布他所听到的话。在末端它会成为全新的一句话。它会变得很糟糕,没什么原先的内容会保留。你们都知道这些,但尽管如此,你并不聆听唯一真正的源头 --- 你心中的。一旦你怀疑自己的心,你回到自己的头脑,那里有着许多的印象、怀疑和搜索


The largest effort should be made in order to find your own answers. You have many paths to follow – you can simply not listen to anybody else than yourself. You find there the answers for yourself, this is where your piece of the puzzle is, your path, your goal – the goal you had when you came down to Earth. Together you form a tightly nit unit with a grand common goal, but you contribute each with one piece of the puzzle. Trust is important – trust to yourself and the guidance you receive from your higher self. Seek the calmness within you – you get the answers there. One step at a time and you are all on your way into the light loving world that you all seek and long for. The work consists of finding one’s own guidance and trust in one’s heart.


需要去尽最大的努力来找到你自己的答案。你有着许多条路可以走 --- 你可以不去听别人的,除了自己。你会在那(心)找到答案,这是你拼图的碎片存在的地方,你的道路,你的目标 --- 当你来到地球所携带的目标。一起你们会形成一个紧密的单元,伴随着一个宏大的共同目标,但你们每个人贡献出自己的那块拼图碎片。信任很重要 --- 相信自己和你从更高自我那里收到的指引。寻求内心的平静 --- 你会在那得到答案。一步一脚印,你们都在朝向爱与光的世界,你们所渴望的。要做的工作包括找到自己的指引,相信自己的心


A new era has entered into your lives and this will bring love in abundance. All the old and petrified will be dissolved in the light of love. Be sure that the help is standing ready next to you, behind you, in front of you, beneath you and above you. You are so incredibly much loved that if you only could feel a small part of this love you would smile and laugh from joy. We are here to celebrate with you, this is the reason we are here, dear Earthlings – the large array of beings that now are allowed to visit Earth. The vibrations on Earth have now been raised so much that it can only move forward and up now dear Earthlings – up into the higher regions of love and light. This is why I say: Stop and have trust in yourself, everything is within you – each one of you who now walk on Earth. There is nobody on Earth that does not have their own goal in their soul and their heart. Listen, listen, listen dear friends, which path should you follow? You cannot walk any other path than your own and that answer you can only find in your heart. It is important now, so let us seek within for a while dear friends on Earth. Let us seek within….until you find your own treasure.


一个新时代已经进入你的生活,这会带来大量的爱。所有旧的,僵硬的都会溶解在爱的光中。确信,帮助就在你的身边,身后,面前,之下,之上。你被难以置信地爱着,如果你可以感到这个爱的微小部分,你会从喜悦中微笑和大笑。我们在这里与你一同庆祝,这是我们在这里的原因,亲爱的地球人 --- 大量的存在现在被允许访问地球。地球上的振动已经提高了许多,它现在只能够向上向前,亲爱的地球人 --- 上升到爱与光的更高领域。所以我说:停下来,相信自己,一切都在你之内 --- 你们每个行走于地球的人。地球上的每个人在自己的灵魂和心中都有着自己的目标。聆听,聆听,聆听,亲爱的朋友们,你应该跟随哪条道路?你不能走别的道路,除了自己的,你只能在心中找到答案。它很重要,所以让我们向内寻求一会儿,亲爱的朋友们。让我们向内寻求 ... 直到你找到自己的财富


We help you to focus, call on us and we will gladly assist you. Earth is ascending and you ascend with her, so find now the strong vibration that now exists on Earth, which makes it easier for you in your search. You have all the opportunities to find you own path in life and to reach the goal that you once set up for yourselves.




We believe in you.




We trust in you.




We love you.




Much love,Judas




犹大 20180326 相信自己的心

通灵:Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan


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