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Any Type Of Cancer Can BeCured In Just 2-6 Weeks

任何类型的癌症都可以在 2-6 周内治愈


“Cancer can be cured!” claims Dr. Leonard Coldwell. The video at the end of this article is very important. Everybodyshould see it.



Cancercan be cured! You can imagine the look of surprise on my face when I first sawthis. In fact, many of you out there must be feeling surprised rightnow. My mother died of cancer just as I was finishing high school.That experience completely changed my life around. I got to know about itaccidentally. Since that day, I had to literally watch my mother draw closerand closer to her death. Quite frankly, the experience is not one I am willingto talk about. But I can tell you this – it was very painful. I also know manyof you out there have lost someone from cancer – a friend, a family member, achild, a parent – the list just goes on and on. Cancer can attack anyone – younever know when you will be the next victim.



Tumors can be treated. There’s amulti-trillion dollar industry for the Cancer Treatment.



I’ve heard this lot of times! But do youreally trust that these medications will heal the tumor? My father spent almosteverything he had in order to pay for my mother’s medication. We did everythingwe could possibly think of. Cancer is treated a long time. My mom was treatedfor an extensive time too. But in the end, unfortunately, my mother succumbedto it.



A few days back I came acrossthis article



“Because of the terrible scheme, millionsof people died and thousands were only partly treated. Throughout our history,Food and Drug Administration have deliberately poisoned our people. Thosecompanies will do anything to make money. Please stand up.” – That’s what thearticle claimed.

“由于这个可怕的方案,数以百万计的人死亡,成千上万的人只能得到部分治疗。纵观我们的历史,食品及药物管理局蓄意毒害着我们的人民。为了赚钱这些公司会做出任何事。请站出来。” —— 这就是这篇文章所声称的。


Imagine the thoughts that ranthrough my mind when I saw it. So I decided to have a look at the article



One Dr.Leonard Coldwell has gone through alot more of the ‘cancer experience’ that you or me. All seven brothers andsisters of his mom suffered from carcinoma. His father and grandma died passedaway due to cancer too. He was there to witness how cancer slowly drew hisfamily members, son and even grandson to their deaths. So I guess it’s safe tosay that he has gained experience that a very few have had.


As it turns out, Dr.Leonard Coldwell hasseen greater than thirty-five thousand patients, around 2.2 million partakersin his workshops who write to him sent life stories and have more than sevenmillion admirers who read his bulletins and news reports. According to worldexperts, Dr.Leonard Coldwell has the best rates of success in the curing ofcancer globally. As it turns out, his website drleonardcoldwell.com was blockedby the federal government. Why? Because of its enormous success in cancertreatment.

事实证明,伦纳德·考德威尔博士已经看了超过 3 5 千名患者,大约有 220 万的人写信给他,讲述了他们的故事,并有 700 多万崇拜者阅读他的简报和新闻报道。根据世界级各地专家的说法,伦纳德·考德威尔博士在全球癌症治疗中取得了最好的成功。后来,他的网站 drleonardcol.com 被联邦政府封锁了。为什么?因为它在癌症治疗方面取得了巨大的成功。


“With no chemotherapy, no contact with theradiation obviously cancer can be cured in most patients. I know that I canheal a patient in a few weeks maybe in some months. But because of the peoplewho profit from cancer patients and the law legally I am not allowed to tellanyone what to do or what not to.”, describes the doctor.

“在没有化疗,没有接触到放射的情况下,明显大多数病人都能治愈癌症。我知道我可以在几周内,也许几个月后治愈一个病人。但是因为有那些从癌症患者获利的人和法律的原因,我不允许告诉任何人该做什么或不该做什么。” , 博士讲述说。


The health profession and thepharmaceutical industry earn massive amounts of money through the cancerindustry. Yes, cancer has now become an industry for them. The currentsituation as Dr.Coldwell underlines is that they “make legislators legislatelaws that will kill us, or at the very least make them fall sick and the lawsthat are supposed to ‘protect’ us do not permit the right treatment of thedisease. They make you sick as ever and finally you are drawn to your deathbecause of the poisonous, hazardous and harsh treatment.”


To be honest, I was stunned at theseclaims. The memories of my mother in pain and her eventual death began hauntingin my mind. I read on.



Hereis Dr. Coldwell’s method



According to the doctor, any malignancy canbe cured in two to sixteen weeks. There are kinds of cancers if treatedcorrectly that can heal in minutes.

根据博士的说法,任何的恶性肿瘤都可以在 2 16 周内治愈。如果治疗得当,有几种癌症可以在几分钟内痊愈。


Any doctor with a minimum of 20 years’experience in the field has witnessed much healing which is spontaneous.There’s actually a book called ‘Spontaneous Healing’. Since this method is verypossible, now it’s a matter of finding means of achieving this. Usually peoplewho are religious minded go to places of religious curing. But the religiousplaceisnot what cures. The positivity and hopefulness actually do all the healing.

任何在该领域至少有 20 年经验的医生,都能见到许多自然方式的治疗。实际上有一本书叫做“自然疗愈”。由于这种方法是很可行的,所以现在需要找到实践它的方法。通常,有宗教信仰的人会去宗教场所。但是去宗教的场所并不是治疗的方法。积极和希望的心态实际上才能治愈。


As the doctor reveals, first and foremost,tackling of acidity and the toxic elements need to be done. We should eatvegetables; this gives the body lots of oxygen.

With that and adequate calcium and a properdiet, we alkalize our bodies. How is this related to cancer? Well, the progressof cancer stops when the body is alkalized.



The body has to achieve what is called a‘therapeutic pH level. pH has 14 levels from 0 to 14.The lower values are theacidic region while the higher values are the alkaline region. PH 7 is themedian neutral level. As soon as the body reaches pH 7, it becomes alkaline. Alevel of seven point three six is good. But when it comes to treatment, a pH ofaround 7.5 or higher should be present.

身体必须达到所谓的“治疗 pH 值”标准。从 0 14 pH 值有 14 个标准。较低的值是酸性区域,而较高的值是碱性区域。 PH 7 是中性水平。一旦身体达到 pH 7 ,就会变成碱性。 7.36 的标准是好的。但是当涉及到治疗时, pH 值应大约是 7.5 或更高。


Sowhat else?



The next is to eliminate hypoxia. For thisa friend of Dr.Coldwell, one doctor Martin, offers a solution – an oxygentherapy which involves several steps. In this therapy, blood is taken out,enriched with pure oxygen and then re-injected into the body twelve times.Blood, when taken out of our body, has a shade of black. But with this therapy,the blood that is re-injected have a shade of beautiful pink – like the bloodof a newborn baby – it is completely fresh. This fills the body with energy.

下一步是消除缺氧。为此,考德威尔博士的一位朋友马丁提供了一种解决方案——一种涉及几个步骤的氧气疗法。在这种疗法中,血液被抽出,增添了纯净的氧,然后再注射回身体 12 次(不懂)。当我们从身体里取出血液时,会有一种黑色的阴影。但是通过这种疗法,重新注射的血液有一种美丽的粉红色——就像新生婴儿的血液——它是完全新鲜的。这让身体充满了能量。


The ‘intravenous’ injection of vitamin C isalso helpful, the doctor claims.100 cc every day thrice a week, or in certaincases, more than that has given amazing results. “Believe it, cancer disappearsin a few days after the administering of vitamin C in this manner.”, he says.

医生称,静脉注射维生素 C 也很有帮助。每天 100 cc ,每周 3 次,或在某些情况下更多,这能带来惊人的效果。“相信在使用维生素 C 后,癌症在几天内就消失了。” , 他说。


Food which has a high content of vitamin Cincludes chili peppers, cabbage, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, cauliflower,pineapples, kiwi fruit, oranges and lemons.

富含维生素 C 的食物包括辣椒、卷心菜、西兰花、木瓜、草莓、菜花、菠萝、猕猴桃、橙子和柠檬。


VitaminC – the miracle cure…

维生素 C ——神奇疗法…


But wait! It’s not the only vitamin thathas amazing healing powers…

但是等等 ! 它并不是唯一具有神奇疗效的维生素。


Vitamin E belongs to the same category aswell. It mostly aids with blood pressure. Treated quickly and effectively inany form, vitamin E has shown that it can produce stunning results. But Evitamin which is produced artificially is not the solution. As it turns out, astudy done with artificially produced vitamin E determined that it was utterlyineffective.

维生素 E 属于同一类别。它主要对血压有帮助。以任何形式迅速有效地治疗,维生素 E 表明它能产生惊人的效果。但是人工合成的维生素并不是解决问题的办法。事实证明,一项由人工合成的维生素 E 所做的研究表明,它是完全无效的。


So there we go. Chemicals are not helpingat all. It’s nature that helps. Nature brings out all these illnesses and itsnature again that will come to the rescue. Cancer didn’t exist a century ago.There’s no reason for cancers to existing now. We’ve caused all our problems byourselves. If you really want to get rid of cancer, then start by consumingvegetables and fresh raw foodstuff.



AnyType of Cancer Can be Cured in Just 2-6 Weeks 2

任何类型的癌症都可以在 2-6 周内治愈


Dr.Coldwell also says, a friend of hishappens to be a chef has written a book on preparing raw meals. “It doesn’tcost even half as much as you spend on expensive drugs that are justaggravating the condition. His website and books will teach you exactly how tomake them.”, he further added.

考德威尔博士还说,他的一个朋友碰巧是一名厨师,他写了一本关于生食的书。“它不会花费你在昂贵药物上的一半,而这些药物只会加重病情。他的个人网站和书籍将教会你如何制作它们。” , 他进一步补充道。


The next thing Dr.Coldwell stresses on iswater. Yes, you heard correct. Four liters of water with half a teaspoon of seasalt every day – unless in cases of a person suffering from a type of kidneyailment.

考德威尔博士强调的下一件事是水。是的 , 你听到的没错。每天四公升的水,每天半茶匙的海盐——除非是患了肾病的人。


Don’t they say that excessive amounts ofsalt lead to high blood pressure? Anyone doesn’t want to get themselves indouble trouble, do they?



The doctor disagrees. He says that eventhough we were taught that high salt is bad, it is actually the opposite. Infact, Salt is essential. “The electrical signals transmit only if the requiredamount of salt is present in our body. Therefore, lack of salt creates problemsin blood.” the doctor explains.



Now that’s not the real problem. The realproblem is with the table salt we consume. Table salt often contains only athird of actual salt!



“Woah!What are we eating then – thinking its salt?”

“哇 ! 那么我们吃的是什么——不是盐吗?”


The salt weconsume, as it turns out, contains 1/3 of glass and one-third of sand. Now this spells trouble for the body. Thesand and glass irritate the blood vessels and they start bleeding. Thencholesterol clogs up to protect the blood vessels – so that we don’t perishfrom interior hemorrhage.



But cholesterol can cause high bloodpressure by narrowing the blood vessels right?



Wrong again. “This is absurd becausethere’s no way we can die from excessive cholesterol. Deficiency in cholesterol– yeah, death is probably on the way”, claims Dr.Coldwell. As it turns out,some have had cholesterol as high as 60 and haven’t had any illness in theirentire life.

又错了。“这是荒谬的,因为我们不可能死于过量的胆固醇。缺乏胆固醇——是的,很可能会死亡。”考德威尔博士说,事实证明,有些人的胆固醇高达 60 ,在他们的一生中从未有过任何疾病。


Here’swhy lack of cholesterol is bad



Healthy cells are produced rapidly bycholesterol. In fact, 87% of the cells in our body are made out of cholesterol.So the lack of cholesterol simply means the body has no way to make new cells.For example, let us think of how doctors treat burns. They give them 20-25 eggs.Why? Because they know only cholesterol can produce new cells.

健康的细胞是由胆固醇快速产生的。事实上,我们体内 87% 的细胞都是由胆固醇构成的。因此,缺乏胆固醇仅仅意味着身体没有办法制造新的细胞。举个例子,让我们想想医生是如何治疗烧伤的。他们给了他们 20-25 个鸡蛋。为什么 ? 因为他们知道只有胆固醇才能产生新的细胞。


“Cholesterolproduces new cells. Wow! I did NOT know that…”

”胆固醇能产生新的细胞。哇 ! 我不知道……”


“High-Density Lipoproteins” and“Low-density lipoproteins” – We’ve all heard about this ‘good’ and ‘bad’cholesterol. But hang on, Dr.Coldwell again disagrees. “HDL and LDL – that’snot cholesterol. They are proteins that move cholesterol,” he says.

“高密度脂蛋白”和“低密度脂蛋白”——我们都听说过这种“好”和“坏”的胆固醇。但是,考德威尔博士再次不同意。“ HDL LDL ——这不是胆固醇。它们是能转移胆固醇的蛋白质,”他说。


“Everything we thought we knew turned outto be completely wrong, isn’t it? But it’s the doctors who say these things!How can they be wrong?”



For this, we have to think of the opinionof Dr.Gray Neal among others. He said that referring to statistics; physicianshave the shortest lifetime. Physicians live for around 56 years on average(often it’s less than that except for a very few), they are addicted towardsalcohol, drugs and even a higher rate of suicide – that being only higher inpsychiatrists. But despite all of this, we still go behind doctors for adviceand help on happier, healthier and longer living… You should probably thinkabout changing that opinion.

为此,我们思考一下格雷尼尔博士等人的观点。他说,这是统计的数据 ; 医生的寿命最短。医生的平均寿命约为 56 岁(通常会小于,除了少数人),他们沉迷于酒精,毒品,甚至有更高的自杀率——这在精神病医生中会更高。尽管如此,我们仍然会在医生的指导下寻求建议,寻求更快乐、更健康、更长寿。你应该考虑改变这种观点。






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