What needs did you have that were not being met before the pandemic? Were you perpetually exhausted? Were you on autopilot without really being satisfied with your life? Did you feel like you never had enough time to get to all the things that needed to get done, let alone spend time in activities that would bring you joy? Did you wish you could develop a meditation practice but fell asleep every time you tried? Did you want to read, to learn, or spend more time with your family?


What is this gift of time giving you? Now that you have time to explore different things, what still calls you? What feels good and supportive? What can you let go of now that you have that greater clarity? What can you add in that your soul is craving, even if that is doing nothing at all because your body is busy integrating energies and repairing from a sleep deficit?


This pause you are in can be a treasure trove of discovery, Dear Ones, if you give it a chance. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young



原文: https://trinityesoterics.com/daily-message/

翻译:Nick Chan







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