With the COVID-19 pandemic very much on people’s minds I would like to offer some loving guidance to assist you in coming to accept what is occurring so that you do not become unduly fearful or anxious. As you know, the collective awakening of humanity is divinely assured, and your task is to continue to BE Love in every moment, because this greatly assists this magnificent divine event in its unfoldment precisely as divinely planned. You are Love, so all you have to do is to be yourselves. That means to let go of or release the personas or masks – your professional personal face that you present in the work-place, or the regular adult face that you present in other interactive situations, and also the 5-8 year old emotionally reactive child within that explodes occasionally without warning – that you normally present as yourselves when meeting with or in any way interacting with others.

伴随着病毒在人们的脑海中占据主导位置,我想要提供一些有爱的指引来协助你接受正在发生的,这样你不会过度恐慌或焦虑。如你所知,人类的集体觉醒是被神圣确保的,你的任务是继续在时时刻刻中成为爱,因为这会极大地协助这个宏伟的神圣事件按照神圣计划般完美展开。你是爱,所以你所需要做的就是做自己。这意味着放下或释放角色或面具 --- 你在工作场所戴上的专业面具,或者你在其它交互情况中戴上的成人面具,还有在没有预警的突发情况中出现的 5-8 岁的孩童情感反应 --- 当你与他人会面或交互,呈现为自己

In other words, Be the You that you know yourselves to be – loving, caring individuals who truly delight in knowing that you are alive, and who also delight to see others alive and well. It takes no effort, just total self-acceptance without judgment of any kind, just as Mother/Father/God totally accepts you. When you do this you will truly meet and interact with real people, other beloved children of God, because others will respond to you in like manner revealing their true selves, instead of in the more regular and ‘cautious’ fashion that you all mostly experience from others in your normal daily lives.

换句话说,成为你知道你是谁的人 --- 有爱、关心人的个体,知道自己活着很开心,看到他人活着也很开心。这不需要费什么力气,只需完全的自我接纳,而没有任何的评判,就像母亲 / 父亲 / 神完全接纳你那样。当你这么做,你会与真实的人相遇和交互,其他神挚爱的孩子,因为他人会在类似的方式中(揭示他们真实的自我,而不是在更平常和“谨慎”的方式中,你经常在日常生活中从他人那里体验到的)响应你

To be alive is to be in joy; but very many of you choose to focus on what you dislike or even abhor in your lives, and this leads immediately to dissatisfaction, often intense dissatisfaction, so that the true and ever-present joy of life is hidden from you by your engagement with thought processes that have absolutely nothing to do with the present moment. Therefore, set the intent frequently throughout the day to be aware, to be conscious, and to observe and engage with the wondrous miracle that is your life in this ever-present now moment.


Life has a purpose, namely to know God. As humans in form, and being severely limited by that form, to know God seems to be beyond the bounds of possibility, especially when to “know God” means to be constantly aware of being at every moment in His Presence. A few have come very close to that knowing, and have shared their experiences as best they can within the limitations of language, so that others may understand what is readily available to them, and then also seek to share in that most wondrous experience. You all believe in God, and seek ways to commune with Him through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, and doing this regularly with unforced intent does strengthen your faith, while at the same time leading you to understand quite clearly that your life’s purpose is to know God. When that purpose is clear to you it becomes much easier to behave only lovingly whatever may arise, and when you do this you find yourselves meeting Love in many delightful and unexpected places, further strengthening your faith.


To awaken is to know God, and your awakening is drawing ever closer as you gently release your needy grasp on the unreality of the material world. The world that is constantly presenting you with myriad distractions, as the egoic freight train of thoughts runs almost continuously through your brains, dispersing worrisome thoughts about unlikely possibilities that might happen to you if you are not careful and, at the same time, adequately prepared. Your egos, building on the fears that have already been established within you – during growth from infancy to adulthood – encourage you to maintain a supply of products that you are firmly convinced are absolutely essential for your survival, further distracting you from living the miracle that is life in joy and gratitude. All this groundless fear needs to be seen, recognized, faced, and released, thus opening your hearts to allow Love to fill them. Hearts filled with Love are, of course, totally fearless, except when fear is momentarily required to bring your attention to an immediate threat that has to be dealt with in that precise moment, such as a vehicle bearing down upon you unseen as you cross the street.

觉醒就是认识神,随着你温柔地释放对虚假的物质世界的抓取,你的觉醒更加接近。世界不断地呈现给你无数的干扰,随着小我的思想列车几乎总是在你的大脑中运行,散播令人不安的思想,关于不太可能会发生在你身上的事情,如果你不够小心,与此同时,做好充分的准备。你的小我,基于已经在你之内建立的恐惧 --- 从婴儿到成人 --- 鼓励你去维持一定量的供应,你坚信对你的生存来说绝对必需的,进一步地让你分心于生活于喜悦和感恩中的奇迹。所有无根据的恐惧需要被看到、认识到、面对和释放,从而敞开你的心让爱充满它。充满爱的心,当然,是完全无畏的,除了当恐惧被短暂地需要来让你注意到即刻的威胁以便去处理,比如当你过马路一辆汽车就要撞到你

The current pandemic is demonstrating very potently that, in spite of the present very temporary need for ‘social distancing,’ that there is no such state as ‘independence,’ that there is only ‘interdependence,’ on one another and, of course, on the Earth without which there would be no possibility of life in human form. But this is not a co-dependent relationship, it’s a relationship of sharing, caring, and engaging with life through one another, and with the Earth that so lovingly supports you all in full acknowledgment of the Oneness of all in God.


Therefore, in these unsettling times, it is essential that you focus regularly every day on your unbreakable relationship with Mother/Father/God, Source, Love – the divine field of energy in which all that is created has its eternal existence in joy-filled bliss. You are One. God delights in You. And without You, and you, God would be incomplete, but God, who is absolute perfection, is always complete. So, to reiterate very firmly, Be the Love that you are, and judge no one! Judgment is always self-judgment no matter what form it may appear to take, so why would you attempt to be in conflict with God who loves all and judges none?

因此,在这些令人不安的时期,很重要每天都去专注于你与母亲 / 父亲 / / 源头 / 爱(被创造的一切永恒处于充满喜悦的极乐状态的神圣能量场)牢不可破的关系。你们是一。神在你之中欢喜。没有你,你,神就是不完整的,但神,绝对的完美,总是完整。所以,再次非常坚定地重申,成为你所是的爱,不要评判任何人!评判总是自我评判,无论它以什么形式,所以为什么你要试图与爱着一切,并不评判任何人的神冲突?

Stop trying to shut yourselves out from Reality through negative judgments of self or others, and instead, claim your Love, the love of self that is an absolutely essential aspect of our all-inclusive One divine nature, and then, in doing so, experience the joy and bliss, that is God’s eternal gift to all of creation, by offering It constantly to self and to all others.


Your loving brother, Jesus.




通灵:John Smallman

翻译:Nick Chan




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