A major inbound earth alliance transmission is being decoded as we speak!


在我們說話的時候,一個主要的地球聯盟傳送正在被解碼 !


This transmission will be presented to the starseeds of earth in the coming hours!




Delta forces are on high alert at this hour as light forces continue revving up energy levels on the surface!




Earth alliance observatories report:a powerful intergalactic shock-wave rocked the planet several earth hours ago,prompting a'planetary earth changes watch'with emphasis on increased tectonic activity!


地球联盟观测站报告 : 几个小时前,一股强大的星际冲击波震撼了地球,引发了 " 地球变化观测 " ,重点强调了构造活动的增加 !


The pleiadians say,"when the earth moves,you will know when to move with her",so be in peace as the earth shakes a bit and have some faith!


昴宿星人说, " 当地球移动时,你将知道什么时候和她一起移动 " ,所以,当地球有点震动时,要保持平静,要有信心!


The old 3d matrix is reeling from every angle tonight as super high-vibrational light clashes with the lower world!


旧的 3d 矩阵今晚从每个角度都在摇晃,因为超强的振动光与下面的世界发生了碰撞 !


The old world is in distress and is giving way dear ones on every front!




Remember that"old things must pass away before a new and better thing comes!"


记住 " 在新的更好的东西来临之前,旧的东西必须过去 !"


Know that all is well and as it should be in this great time!

When two dimensions clash and when great change comes,there is a bit of chaos!

You will see these things occur before the new earth comes into view!


要知道在这个伟大的时代,一切都是美好的,一切都应该是美好的 !




The earth alliance confirms again that operation'masterpiece'is fully operational and all systems are tango-green-light go for the very real,'dawning of the age of aquarius'!


地球联盟再次确认 " 杰作 " 行动已经完全运作,所有系统都已经准备就绪,准备进入非常真实的 " 水瓶座时代的曙光 "


A historical celestial alignment is set to occur in the heavens to mark the time of humanity's grand ascension event!




Starseeds all across the globe are reporting increased strong ascension symptoms at this hour!


全世界的星际种子都报告说此时此刻强烈的扬升症状正在增加 !


Take good care of'you'right now and let us know what ascension symptoms you may be experiencing as this powerful cosmic energy comes in!




Hang on and don't forget to breathe!




Standby for upcoming earth alliance transmission!









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