Sadhguru: The simple process of life which one believes, hopes, and tries to plan and work out as a very sweet process, can easily be turned around in a moment. What is very sweet and beautiful can become very bitter and painful.



Human beings have enough intelligence to understand that the very way life is structured is such that if one small thing goes upside down, everything goes upside down with one’s life.



It is not necessary that you have to be struck down by death or disease or some other calamity. It can happen in so many ways.



It happened on a certain day, a young woman came back from a date looking very sad. The mother asked, “What happened?” The girl said, “Anthony proposed to me today.” The mother asked, “Why are you unhappy then? You must be very happy.” “No mom, he’s an atheist. He doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t even believe that there is hell.” The mother replied, “You just marry him. Between the two of us we will prove him wrong!”

故事发生在某一天,一位年轻姑娘神色悲伤地约会回来。母亲问她, 发生什么事了? 女孩回答说, 安东尼今天向我求婚了。 母亲接着问道, 那你为什么不高兴?你应该非常高兴才对啊。 ”“ 不,妈妈,他是一个无神论者。他不相信上帝,他甚至不相信地狱的存在。 母亲回道, 你只管嫁给他。我们两人共同努力就会证明他是错的!


It is not that some great calamity has to happen. The simple process of life can turn so bitter and so miserable if just a few things are not in place.



Unfortunately, most human beings don’t look at their life with any sense of depth unless something goes wrong. They don’t wake up out of their own intelligence. They just try to live as frivolously as possible.



The Only Certainty



Life is constantly uncertain. About life you can have a million doubts. “Will I become rich or not? Will I become educated or not? Will I become enlightened or not?” But death is a hundred percent certainty. There is no doubt about that. With death, there is no question.

生命始终是不确定的。对于生命你会有一百万个疑问。 我是否会变得富有?我是否会变得有教养?我是否会开悟? 但是,死亡是百分之百确定的。对于这一点没有任何疑问。关于死亡,没有人会去质疑。


So, why sit on uncertainty instead of certainty? A spiritual process begins only when you start becoming aware of your death. You do not become spiritual because you think of God. You seek God because you want to be happy or you want to run your business well or you want to go to heaven  because you made a hell out of yourself!



If you knew that you are like a flower that blooms in the morning and dies in the evening then you would not miss a single flower on the way.If you look at death, it will put everything in its proper perspective.



Your fantasies will collapse, reality will rule. If your fantasies rule your mind, you do stupid things. Only if reality rules your mind, you behave sensibly in the world.














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