原创 2018-01-08 米拉 新纪元扬升之光

A message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, January 6, 2018




Greetings I am Mira. I amat your service focusing full-time on the Ascension process that you and yourplanet are going through. It is quite remarkable. You have made progress withadapting to and assimilating to rapid change. We marvel at humanity’sadaptability and willingness to move through the requirements that arenecessary.

We understand humanitiesreluctance to change for their own good. Yet at the core of life and the heartof the earth life seems to realize that it has to go with the flow. You mayhave noticed how unpredictable the flow can be during these chaotic times. Theturbulence pushes openings wherever they are ready. Although sometimes thesecan be painful they are important for growth and understanding.





We report to you today thatthe earth is in a fluid state. This means that one must pay close attention towhat is occurring around them as well as what is happening inside. All is notas it seems. The earth is unleashing trapped forces that must be removed beforethe Ascension can be completed. Perhaps you can imagine what these forces havebeen doing on your planet. Their presence is getting expunged in a myriad ofways. They have been hazardous and detrimental to life.

We assure you that what youneed to know will be revealed to you at the perfect time. Your job is to beready to respond in any way where you feel you could be helpful. Your materialworld is falling apart. Just look around. Feel what your sensations are for theday. Some of you might feel that you are masquerading and wondering what willcome next. You are between worlds. Although you are in the physical form of thethird dimension you are bouncing from the fourth to the fifth dimension andhigher. This can appear as surreal. It is and will continue to be. Your job isto be as grounded as possible while filtering in the influx of light and whilealtering your consciousness.





You are adaptable beings,ground crew, stewards of love and kindness. We are working with you and amyriad of Galactic’s and many other beings of light to free life and the earth.Soon you will begin to see a parade of beings leaving this planet. They haveheld you back for far too long. They simply cannot match the resonance of thenew earth.

Please remember that youare being assisted by all of creation. All you have to do is follow your pathby listening to your heart. You are loved greatly and respected throughoutcreation. Keep flowing. Allow everyone their own choices. Know that even whenthings are challenging you will be able to move easily and quickly to come backinto balance.

We are with you in love andlight.

I am Mira.









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