Beloved ones we greet you,




Humanity has moved into a new potential of awakening as another phase of the ‘New Dawning’ energy has entered your planet at New Year.




At that moment when you entered the frequency setting of 2018 the Sun physically shifted its position, moving into a more direct path to planet Earth. This movement created a new multidimensional opening on your earth plane, as a series of expanded multidimensional settings of light rays from the Sun entered the planet. The Sun’s rays carry the emanations of God. This shift brings another form of the essence of God to the planet, and you are ready to receive this awakening. Earth has undergone a complete energetic reset since that moment of New Year.You, all of humanity have been moved into a different time continuum, into a new phase of potential for self-realization through this expansion of God consciousness that is flowing within the planet. Your Heart chamber is now in direct alignment to those multidimensional forms of God.


当你进入 2018 年的频率,太阳物理性地移动了它的位置,进入对地球更直接的一条道路。这个运动创造了地球平面之上的一个新的多维度的开启,作为一系列扩张多维度的太阳之光进入地球。太阳的光携带着神的散发。这个移动带给了地球另一种神之本质的形态,你已准备好接收这个觉醒。在新年的那个时刻地球经历了一个完全的能量重置。你们,所有人进入了一个不同的时间连续统,一个自我领悟的新潜能阶段,通过正在流入地球的神之意识的扩张。你的心室现在直接与那些神的多维度形态对齐


Through this reset there is a rapid process of acceleration in motion that is going to intensify your human experience, the human drama, while simultaneously you are being reconnected, reunited energetically to Self. Letting go and stabilizing within your Heart will be an essential component for flourishing at this juncture.




The actual physical shift between Earth and the Sun is revealing a series of new frequency settings of light that have been activated within the magnetic core of your planet and there is shift in the central pulse of rotation within the Earth. You are being changed through a new pure frequency patterning that is emerging. This design is being interwoven from the central pulse into your Heart cells. This developed patterning will strongly impact you, expanding your ability to realign within your own unique sacred aspect, which exists within the sphere of the Heart cells.


地球和太阳之间的实际物理移动展现了一系列新的光之频率,在地球的磁芯被激活的,在地球自转的中央脉冲中有着一个移动。你被一个正在浮现的新的纯净的频率模式改变。这个设计从中央脉冲到你的心之细胞互相编织。这个发展的模式会强烈地影响你,扩张你的能力与内在独特的神圣面向重新对齐 --- 存在于心之细胞中的


Your Heart cells are multidimensional and will fully respond to these emanations of God that are flowing onto our earth plane. As you choose, you will undergo a metamorphic process redesigning your Hearts multidimensional potential, through activating the chambers that exist on a multidimensional level within your heart.




You have been in a deep and continual process of ‘not knowing’ over the past months, and now it’s as though the Sun’s rays carry a light to illuminate your path. You are able to move as a conscious community, as a ray of light, like a torch.




Through this New Year dawning, your potential for reconnection to clarity, truth and a remembering of your own essence unfolds through the Sun’s rays. We witness you as you unfold, we hold an energetic ‘Platform’ to support you in your transition.




Blessings, The Pleiadians




昴宿星 20180104 新年新气象

通灵:Christine Day

翻译:Nick Chan



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