After such a prolonged period of review, release, integration, and transformation, it can be easy to fall into a weariness of ascension symptoms. We understand why this occurs but we wish to expand your perception of the ascension process.




Your ascension symptoms are proof positive that the shift is occurring. It is proof of change, proof of your growth, and proof of your success with the assimilation of the previous energies because you are ready for more.




Further, we wish for you to understand that energetic shifts always occur in the exact perfect timing to support your continued success and expansion, and to honour your soul’s desires and agreements. Trust that they are always in line with your capabilities and your mission. They serve the purpose of moving you deeper and deeper into the knowingness and experience of your own divine essence.




From that perspective, you can accept that when a new energetic phase occurs it is because you are ready for it. You are being invited to surrender into the flow of releasing and receiving, and to acknowledge and embrace the fact that you are up-levelling once again. The more you can surrender into what the energies want to do for you with your wisdom and acceptance, the more adept you will become at moving through them efficiently with the most comfort possible.




Every single energetic shift is a cause for celebration, Dear Ones, for it shows your incredible growth and ever expanding capabilities and opportunities. You simply would not be on the planet having the experiences you are if it were not so. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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