I live inside you! Not ‘personally’, but as liquid light of love.




I am JESUS CHRIST, I am amongst you now!




This message speaks of activating the flow of the liquid light of love. For as soon as this has happened, there will be no more separation, conflicts will be over, and you will have entered the realm of everlasting peace.




In order to get this matter moving, it is necessary that you detect anything that blocks this energy flow. The more blockages you remove and dissolve, the more freely this energy can circulate inside you and flow to others around you.




What is the source of this light? Where does it come from? From the core of all being!




I, the living CHRIST, represented this 2000 years ago in Jerusalem, and I am representing it today, for I am once again amongst the people and will stay with you till the end of time.


我,活生生的基督,在 2000 年前的耶路撒冷表示了它,今天我再来表示,因为我再次处于人民之中,会和你在一起,直到时间的结束


I am speaking to you about Christ Consciousness, which exists in each one of you but so far has only been activated or developed by very few.




I invite you now to go beyond your imagination and to readily follow your soul’s plan. Because Christ Consciousness is activated as soon as a person lives their life based on one’s divine purpose.








Ask yourselves this one big question: “What is my purpose on earth?” Stick with this question until you have received an answer. “What is my God given mission?”




No person is born without a purpose. Every human being has God’s order to make their unique contribution to mankind and planet earth.




Knowing your true purpose allows you to overcome all obstacles. A person who has found their true meaning in life displays an entirely different readiness for expanding their awareness than a person who is not interested in this and has no knowledge of it.


知晓你真正的目标会让你战胜所有的障碍。一个真正找到生命意义的人会展示出一个完全不同的准备状态 --- 准备去扩张他们的意识 --- 相对于对这些东西没有兴趣和没有相关知识的人


Awareness of your own purpose causes a person to readily open their heart to the light. From that moment on any and all healing is possible, and such a life is constantly “in motion”.


意识到自己的目标会导致一个人去愿意向光敞开心。从那一刻起,任何 / 所有的疗愈都是可能的,这样的生活是不断处于“运转”中的


How can I be sure what my missions are? How is it possible to avoid being mistaken?




As soon as someone has a deep and true desire for it, they will gain this awareness in a way that is unmistakable. No room for error!




The source lies in a person’s readiness to really want to know their true purpose. Saying YES unconditionally and accepting everything that presents itself, regardless of any possible consequences. For only in rare cases, expectations about life accord with the actual missions in life.


源头蕴藏于一个人的准备状态中 --- 准备好去真正知晓他们的目标。无条件地说是( YES )并接纳呈现的一切,不管有什么后果。因为只有在极少数情况下,对生活的期望是与实际的人生使命相符的






Today the time has come for this message, because many who have gathered here or are listening to these words coming from the light are ready for this step.




Take heart, be courageous, and fully engage in life – and not just in an imitation that you call life. Consequently, Christ Consciousness can flow in, it can be instilled and slowly lift you out of human conditioning.


振作起来,鼓起勇气,充分参与生活 / 生命 --- 不只是你称为生活的仿制品。因此,基督意识可以流入,可以被注入并慢慢地将你提升出人类的状况


The true “meaning of life” is revealed to you as soon as you are ready to give everything for it, to give up and to give in; to accept, embrace and love everything for it.




This humanity needs people who are fully aware of their luminous mission. This world needs people who are, as I was once, a living example of unconditional love.




When I said: “This is what you will do, and even much more!”, that’s what this referred to, and you were referred to. Because indeed the time has come when many of you shall awaken in order to serve as a shining light for others.




This is the dawn of the time when you will not only follow my lead, but will be able complete the path that I once started.




You will do so by opening your heart to the light so it can be cleared from all impurities. Then everything is done, and the path to us reuniting in Christ Consciousness is clear.




For Christ Consciousness is alive in you and is only waiting to be awakened.




I love you endlessly.








通灵:Jahn J Kassl

翻译:Nick Chan





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