Good evening children, this is your Mother God. I am very near you. Yawn, breathe and let me into the deepest parts of you and let us sit together for a moment, enjoying each other’s energies. For this is community children, when you enjoy the company of others and the energy exchange is mutually beneficial. So many of you have been ever so lonely on this most arduous of lifetimes and it saddens me to see you tear up when you think no one is watching. For I am watching your tears fall and you are not alone. I am all around you children at all times. My breath is your breath. Do you see? How could you ever be truly alone? The Earth is surrounded by my creation, your friends and family, your cohorts of love who are currently sacrificing their time and talent for the betterment of humanity and for the protection of Gaia. You are surrounded by the angels who ever wish to comfort, and by the fairies who ever wish to talk. Your newly arrived dragon warrior friends also lend their light, their fire, their love for your healing.


晚上好,孩子们,我是母神。我就在你身边。打个哈欠,呼吸,让我进入你最深的部分,让我们一起安坐一会儿,享受彼此的能量。这就是团体,孩子们,你可以享受他人的陪伴,能量的交换是互利的。非常多的人在这个最艰苦的生世感到非常地孤独,看到你流泪令我很伤心,当你认为没人在意你。我看到了你的泪水,你并不孤单。我时时刻刻都在你的身边,孩子们。我的气息就是你的气息。你明白吗?你如何能真正地孤单?地球被我的造物、你的朋友和家人、你的爱之军团包围,他们为了造福人类和保护盖亚牺牲着自己的时间与天赋。你被希望来安慰你的天使包围着,被希望与你说话的仙女包围着。你刚到来的龙族战士 / 朋友同样借出他们的光、火焰和爱来疗愈你


Ask me to open up your third eye a bit more for you. Tap and intend. Tap your third eye (which is a portal to the beyond) and say, “Mother, I love you. I wish for your breath to permeate any blockages within me and around me so that I might be a perfect conduit of peace, of joy and of tranquility. Won’t you open up any of my current blocked abilities so that I might soar again, hand in hand with you and so that I might reach my fullest ascended potential as quickly as would be the most perfect pace for my own soul development and growth?” And I shall do it.




Utilize the crystals, children. They are eager messengers of the deep transmuting caves deep within the womb of your planetary mother, Gaia, who waits now not much longer. Utilize the crystals. Hear them hum and talk with them for they are eager to assist you further in your mission. Enjoy studying which rock does what, as this one likes to. For you have all of the tools you truly need to be ever so successful! I see you as your mother with the eyes of love. You are my greatest successes!




You are my little light brights as I have lovingly said before. And you are lighting up the night! And so, I now lend my light in turn, as you children, have done so magnificently - as I knew that you would! I am sending my love light now to your beautiful Gaia in an unparalleled way now. I am sending the prism colors of love light reflected in rainbow hues, the wave of waves, to wash, cleanse and forcibly uplift. That which may not be a ready to be uplifted will be removed, so that all that remains is light, love, the pursuit of happiness and so that you my children, can begin to really enjoy being here.


你是我小小的光,就像我之前深情地所说。你在点亮夜晚!因此,现在我借出我的光,就像你,孩子们,如此辉煌地 --- 正如我知道你会的!现在我把爱与光在前所未有的方式中发送给美丽的盖亚。我发送在彩虹、水波中反射出的爱与光色调,来冲洗、清理和加强提升。没有准备好被提升的会被移除,这样剩下的只有爱、光、对幸福的追求,这样你,我的孩子们,可以开始真正地享受这个地方


It has been unbelievably trying for you. I know this, I see this. Allow me to heal you. Allow my honey love to wash away all that does not uplift you. “Mother God, wash me clean with your wave of pure love, that I might hold the highest, most pure frequency that my vessel will currently allow and might be maximally blessed by this wave of pure love and light, transformed into my crystalline structure with ease and grace. Mother God, assist me in every way possible, known and unknown, realized and unrealized, that I might become the diamond of the Christed light, crystallized flame of pure perfection, of joy and of radiant beauty, my true self, that you have always seen, Mother. May I now begin to see myself as you see me. May I see others as you see them. That we might all become one magnificent rainbow bridge of pure perfection, of the Christed flame. And so it is.”




My children, enjoy this prayer. It is my gift to you, as is this precious wave from my heart flame to yours, to activate, to mold, to heal, to nurture and to caress away the pain that has bound you. You are free. Be free children. Be free with your light, with your love and with your mercy to the others who have not yet found their light or their voice. And perhaps be even more kind and caring than you would have but yesterday. For we are all one and we are all awakening on our own paths, our own timetables. I see you, children and I know how weary you are. I love you with a never ending love and I wrap my arms around you and hug you tight. There, better? I am your Mother God. Sleep tight.





翻译:Nick Chan





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