Gratitude is a practice that can create much more comfort in your lives. But what do you do when you are feeling so uncomfortable it can be difficult to focus on anything other than your own discomfort? We have a helpful tip for you. In any sentence, simply replace the word “have” to “get”.




So for example, if your first thought is, “I have to get up”, change it to, “I get to get up”. Rather than, “I have to mow the lawn”, change it to, “I get to mow the lawn”. Rather than, “I have to go through this energetic shift”, change it to, “I get to go through this energetic shift.” This simple substitution can immediately help you shift into a space of gratitude naturally because it changes your perspective and allows you to see the blessings that exist within the situation.




Gratitude is a powerful tool because it moves you out of resistance into acceptance, which will naturally create more comfort for you. It energetically anchors what you would like to experience more of and gives your feedback to the universe. Gratitude steers your flow. So if you are finding it difficult to find your way to gratitude from where you are, try this simple tip. You just might be surprised at how effective it is. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young




翻译:Nick Chan




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