As I sit here in the Sacred I AM PRESENCE connecting with My Higher Self I found myself in the presence of Beloved Babaji and Emanantion and Lifetime of Beloved Heru-Satyanarayan I connect with the vibration of Mother Sekhmet-Durga connecting with the Mars and Venus Planets and Emanations that is making significant shifts... connecting with the Orion and Sirius and the Sun and the Moon. I share with you all the message....




Beloved Babaji




I step forth into thine presence of illumination. For we have now come into a time frame of illumination here upon the Earth.




I grant unto thee in this Life Time my Love and Devotion Life after Life since the Time of Zep Tepi.




I now come forth stepping on the petals one by one... over thine Milky Ocean... to come forth unto thee before your Lotus Feet...




The Enlightenment of your Earth is now moving and we awake Souls at this time with the illumination of your Ascension Flame.






Grant unto thee, thine Healing and Dispensation of Greater Awakening of Souls in this time frame as we move forth with the amplification of the 8888 Lions Gate Portal Granting a Greater Blessing and Light to thine People.




We Bless the Path of thine Masculine as We open the Gates now of Greater Balance creating a ray of harmonious frequencies here within the System of Worlds...




Babaji beloved Babaji emanation of the Heru-Satyanarayan we amplify the Gates of Cosmic Knowledge - 144th Degree Cosmic Knowledge - The Ancient Language of Light in this Golden Year of Cosmic Awareness 8118




We prepare now to shift Mother Earth into the Final Stages of the Ascension in the Year 2019/12 The Year of 12 where this will bring a greater balance.




The Year of Great Illumination comes forth as we now prepare for this Year of Great Illumination... when your Sun Meets His Moon Once More. The Masculine in complete Union with His Divine Feminine As Above So Below.




The Multi-dimensional Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine bringing Forth a Ray of Hope and Healing for Humanity as we come to a closure of this Aryan Root Race bringing forth the Golden Ray of Light to The Earth in the New Golden Age of Gaia.




We are indeed in a time of Great Revelation foretold for Eons... For in the Light of the Love all shall be revealed.....




The Milky Ocean shall pour forth unto thy Heart of they people once more....the Milky Ocean of Love, of Peace, of Compassion, of Harmony and Divine ONEness.




In this great Shift of Lions Gate and Solar Alignment with the Moon our Children shall embrace their hearts once more... connecting with the Divine Abilities gathered throughout their Soul Journey and Cycles... We shall see an influx of Divine Attributes activating amongst thy people....




We are now moving this System of Worlds into great awareness and light.... We are truly blessed by this... It delights our Hearts watching the Earth singing a Song of Ancient Times - and Songs of the Universe radiates forth to the Hearts of the People.




We have entered a State now not seen since the Golden Age of The Law of One in the days of the Great Atlantis.




Mars Beloved Mars an Emanation of thee. we great thee.... Come Forth thine Masculine and Great the Hearts of thine People... Thine Warrior of the Light Unto thee i empower thee and give onto thee the Excalibur of Truth!




The Seals have been activated... The Seven Seals .... The Seals of Sol O Mon .... The Seals of Truth.... The Seals of the Holy Archangels to prepare for this now time..... activating this system of Worlds...




The 13 Crystal Skulls now activate the Sacred Oneness of the 13 Star Systems Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpius Sagittarius and Ophiuchus as they dance around the Sun.




We grant unto thee thy love and blessing.





翻译:Nick Chan




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