You Create your Destiny




What it is that you dream to create and how can you begin the process and start bringing you ideas into Creation? You have the power and the ability to create your destiny.You carry within you the greatness of those who have come before you in your body and your soul and using that energy and linage will help you bring about the changes that you seek and begin to create your destiny.




Let the magic flow through your life.Let it heal you.Your angel guidance is to remember that spiritual power takes time to develop and hone and as you are readythe right teachers will appear.Remember that together you are stronger and to always do what is right.Create your own story.Create your life as you know it was meant to be.




Affirm: "I have power and it is real.As I exchange my gifts with the world and others with mewe create the teamwork necessary to move mountains."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides






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