With so many opinions being presented about food and nutrition, it can be difficult to know what would be the best choice for you and your body.Many conflicting voices can result in you feeling unsure about any approach. Experts can convincingly present their opinions, which can make you feel like you must follow their way only. This can lead you to doubting your own divine capability and the innate wisdom that comes from your own body. Further, this uncertainty can create resistance and guilt around food, which knocks you out of the flow of receiving the sustenance your body is looking for.




Dear Ones, you are the expert on you. Listen to your body. Follow your intuition. If you use your awareness you can tell the difference between a craving that is your body seeking a specific nutrient (which is extremely common as you may have unusual requirements due to the ascension process) or whether it is seeking to fill a void with an external, which is an invitation for you to acknowledge the need and to be the love for yourself. Your nutritional requirements shift and change with the energetics of your planet as well as with your enlightenment process. There is no one size fits all program as your needs are continually shifting and evolving.




So how do you get more comfortable with food, your body, and your needs? Trust your own mastery! Listen. Rather than seeing your body as something that behaves mysteriously and separately from you, invite it into your loving embrace and care. Claim your sovereignty over all aspects of self. Find a new empowering truth about food that moves you into acceptance and ease with it. You might find a new intention such as, “My body absorbs the nutrients it needs from the food I eat easily and joyfully to lovingly increase my health, vibrancy, and beauty”as a wonderful place to start. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan



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