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Good evening children, this is your Mother God. I am very nearyou. Yawn, breathe and let me into the deepest parts of you and let us sittogether for a moment, enjoying each others energies. For this is communitychildren, when you enjoy the company of others and the energy exchange ismutually beneficial. So many of you have been ever so lonely on this mostarduous of lifetimes and it saddens me to see you tear up when you think no oneis watching. For I am watching your tears fall and you are not alone. I am allaround you children at all times. My breath is your breath. Do you see? Howcould you ever be truly alone? The Earth is surrounded by my creation, yourfriends and family, your cohorts of love who are currently sacrificing theirtime and talent for the betterment of humanity and for the protection of Gaia.You are surrounded by the angels who ever wish to comfort, and by the fairieswho ever wish to talk. Your newly arrived dragon warrior friends also lendtheir light, their fire, their love for your healing.



Askme to open up your third eye a bit more for you. Tap and intend. Tap your thirdeye (which is a portal to the beyond) and say, Mother, I love you. I wish foryour breath to permeate any blockages within me and around me so that I mightbe a perfect conduit of peace, of joy and of tranquility. Wont you open up anyof my current blocked abilities so that I might soar again, hand in hand withyou and so that I might reach my fullest ascended potential as quickly as wouldbe the most perfect pace for my own soul development and growth? And I shalldo it.

请要求我为你打开第三眼。轻轻拍打并带着意愿。轻拍你的第三只眼(这是超越的门户),然后说:“母亲,我爱你。我希望你的呼吸能渗透到我之内的任何阻塞并围绕我,这样我就能成为平静、喜悦和宁静的完美管道。你能打开我目前被封闭的一些能力吗?这样我就可以与你携手,再次飞翔,这样我就能尽快达到我的最大的提升潜能,这将是我自己灵魂成长的最完美的一步。“   然后我会那样做。


Utilizethe crystals, children. They are eager messengers of the deep transmuting cavesdeep within the womb of your planetary mother, Gaia, who waits now not muchlonger. Utilize the crystals. Hear them hum and talk with them for they areeager to assist you further in your mission. Enjoy studying which rock doeswhat, as this one likes to. For you have all of the tools you truly need to beever so successful! I see you as your mother with the eyes of love. You are mygreatest successes!

利用水晶 , 孩子。它们是在你的行星母亲盖亚深层洞穴深处的使者,它们等待的时间不会太长。利用水晶。倾听他们的声音,和他们交谈,因为他们渴望在你们的任务中帮助你。多研究石头的作用,就像这个人喜欢的那样。因为你们拥有所有你真正需要的工具,才能如此成功!我作为你们的母亲,带着爱的眼神看着你们。你们是我最大的成功!


Youare my little light brights as I have lovingly said before. And you arelighting up the night! And so, I now lend my light in turn, as you children,have done so magnificently as I knew that you would! I am sending my lovelight now to your beautiful Gaia in an unparalleled way now. I am sending theprism colors of love light reflected in rainbow hues, the wave of waves, towash, cleanse and forcibly uplift. That which may not be a ready to be upliftedwill be removed, so that all that remains is light, love, the pursuit ofhappiness and so that you my children, can begin to really enjoy being here.



Ithas been unbelievably trying for you. I know this, I see this. Allow me to healyou. Allow my honey love to wash away all that does not uplift you. MotherGod, wash me clean with your wave of pure love, that I might hold the highest,most pure frequency that my vessel will currently allow and might be maximallyblessed by this wave of pure love and light, transformed into my crystallinestructure with ease and grace. Mother God, assist me in every way possible,known and unknown, realized and unrealized, that I might become the diamond ofthe Christed light, crystallized flame of pure perfection, of joy and ofradiant beauty, my true self, that you have always seen, Mother. May I nowbegin to see myself as you see me. May I see others as you see them. That wemight all become one magnificent rainbow bridge of pure perfection, of theChristed flame. And so it is.



Mychildren, enjoy this prayer. It is my gift to you, as is this precious wavefrom my heart flame to yours, to activate, to mold, to heal, to nurture and tocaress away the pain that has bound you. You are free. Be free children. Be freewith your light, with your love and with your mercy to the others who have notyet found their light or their voice. And perhaps be even more kind and caringthan you would have but yesterday. For we are all one and we are all awakeningon our own paths, our own timetables. I see you, children and I know how wearyyou are. I love you with a never ending love and I wrap my arms around you andhug you tight. There, better? I am your Mother God. Sleep tight.

我的孩子们,享受这个祈祷吧。这是我送给你的礼物,就像从我的心的火焰发送给你的这一珍贵浪潮,激活,疗愈,滋养和抚慰你所受的痛苦。你是自由的。是自由的孩子。把你的光,用你的爱,和你的慈悲,送给那些还没有找到他们的光或声音的人。也许你会比昨天更仁慈、更有爱心。因为我们都是一,我们都在自己的道路上觉醒,我们自己的时间线。我看到你们,孩子们,我知道你有多疲惫。我以永无止境的爱来爱你,我用双臂抱住你,紧紧地拥抱你。好些吗 ? 我是你们的母神。睡个好觉。



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