Greetings family of light. I am Ashtar of the Galactic Federation at your service this evening. Gaia is resplendent in her beauty in this moment. (I am seeing the lights of the Earth from space as she rotates). Truly it is a magnificent sight to behold. You lightworkers, friends, family, you are doing an incredible job. I am showing these images to this one for illustration purposes. You are all the lights upon Gaia in this moment, and your beauty, your fortitude, your tenacity in the midst of it all, is tremendous. Thank you for your service. We too are serving in many capacities. Much more is occurring than I am currently permitted to disclose but know that the dark ones are flummoxed and on the run. Those that remain have chosen their fate, their path is clear. The hijacking of humanity is no more. Stand strong in your energy. You are Source beings, fractals, individuated, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, magnificent beings of light and love, deeply valued by Creator and all of us. Call your power back to you, call your strength.




Remember the inner wisdom of the ancestors, of your galactic family. We know that these moments of contractions are painful. We breathe with you through them. This is not to last much longer. We are aware you are tired of hearing such sentiments but it is the case. Nova Gaia is crowning within the hearts of the lightworkers, adjusting the vibrational codices ofthis reality, upping it further and further. Many of you are already strong within the higher dimensional levels of the Earth experience while some, not so much. You will guide them. You will be as the angels to them, although you will be within form, and exactly how this is to be is unclear. There is still some mystery of joy around this great unveiling. Nova Gaia is a beautiful present all wrapped up. We know she is beautiful. We have seen her. Many you are from her future. But we are not permitted to open the package early. We are enjoying watching our beloved family members create it with your vibrations of love. For it is your love, your light that is the wrapping paper of this grand finale. We are most proud of you. We offer our assistance, always at your service, I am Ashtar.




翻译:Nick Chan





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