Greetings, I AM St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame, Keeper of the I AM. It is an honorary title and one that has been gifted and bestowed upon me because, also, I know what it is to be human. And I know, my beloveds, in your rapid ascension that is fully underway and to which you are committed, that this anchoring of your I AM and The I AM, there is no separation…it is simply a matter of degree. This has need to be in full blossom, in full acceptance, in every cell and fiber of your being…physical body as well, and all your other bodies, your expanded, eternal, infinite self which has always held the I AM.


问候,我是圣哲曼,紫罗兰火焰的保持者,我是( I AM )的保持者。这是一个荣誉称号,赐予和授予我的,因为,我也知道作为人是什么样的。我知道,亲爱的,在你快速的扬升(正全面展开)中,你所致力于的,你在锚定你的我是( I AM )以及唯一的我是( I AM ),没有分离 ... 这只是一个层面的问题。这需要全面绽放,全面接纳,在你存在的每个细胞和纤维中 ... 以及物理身体,你所有的其他身体,你扩张、永恒、无限的自我中 --- 总是持有着我是( I AM


So in many ways, when I bring my Violet Flame to thee, what I am doing is simply reawakening and helping you to remember the essence and the truth of who you are, of who you have always, infinitely and eternally been…in and out of form. You are splendor. You are grace. You are the embodiment of the I AM, of the essence of our Mother and Father unified as One.


所以在许多方式中,当我把紫罗兰火焰带给你,我所做的只是重新唤醒和帮助你忆起你所是、你一直、无限、永远所是的本质与真理 ... 有形或无形。你是壮丽的。你是优雅的。你是我是( I AM ),我们母亲和父亲联合为一的体现


So yes, I come this day, yet again, of reawakening, of remembering, of surrendering, of accepting. You have dawned your mantle of Divine Authority. But, this is not the regal robes of false authority, of kings and queens and abusers of authority. Think of your mantle of Divine Authority as hopsacking…yes, you may prefer silk, you may prefer velvet trimmed in ermine. And, of course, that is one form.


所以,是的,今天我前来,再次,重新唤醒、忆起、臣服和接纳。你已经披上你神圣权威的斗篷。但,这不是虚假权威的帝王礼服(国王、王后和滥用权力者)。想象你神圣权威的斗篷是粗麻布 ... 是的,你可能喜欢丝绸,你可能喜欢天鹅绒貂皮。当然,这是一种形式


But what I speak to you of today is moving amongst the people. Yes, you call them human beings…we call them hybrids and earth-keepers and star beings and angels and archangels in form…but Gaians one and all!


但我今天跟你说的是在人们之中行走。是的,你称他们为人类 ... 我们称他们为混合物种,地球守护者,星际存有,形态中的天使和大天使 ... 都是一体的


Just as the channel has stated earlier in your discussions, your Divine Authority has always been an essential, quintessential, part of your being. It has been reawakened. There have been bestowing’s and ceremony, but it has always been part and parcel of who you are.




Why do you think so many of you, regardless of race or color or economics or social status, why do you think you are so fiercely independent? “Don’t tell me what to do. I know what I want, I know what I feel, I know what I want to do.” And then, of course, you cower in the corner afraid of what you might create or miscreate and you say, “Please tell me what to do.”




But in fact, that energy of your independence, of your freedom, has always been within you. Like a child who learns to walk or ride a bike, at first you want support, and then you say, “Don’t hold me, don’t hold me. I know what to do.” And you do!




So often you have held back fearing that you would create or contribute to greater chaos because you have witnessed for eons what has been created and miscreated upon this planet. It is one of the reasons I have vowed not to return until the Golden Age is firmly well along the way.




You are the bravest ones. You are the ones that have stepped forward, not forced, you have stepped forward and said, “I know what to do. I’ll go, Mother!” And you have and now you are in a time of change that has never been witnessed upon this planet, supported mightily from the Mother, to me, and everything in-between.




But my beloveds, you, you are the implementors and that is why I have requested and asked and come this day, to remind you and reawaken and reinvigorate the Violet Flame within you, around you, above you, below you, because it is your essential I AM. Because you are being requested to step forward in the confidence, and the fullness, and the truth, and the might of who you are in your essential Divine Knowing and Divine Authority to create what was always planned from day one, eons ago…for this beautiful planet to be a place of love.


但,亲爱的,你,你是实现者,所以我被请求,要求在今天前来,提醒你,重新唤醒和复兴你之内、周围、之上、之下的紫罗兰火焰,因为它是你基本的我是( I AM )。因为你被请求去在自信、圆满、真理以及你所是的强大中向前一步,在你基本的神圣知晓和权威中创造从恒久前的第一天开始计划的东西 ... 让这个美丽的星球成为爱之地


It is so simple and yet, it has been notoriously off-track. And yes, massive chaos has come to the surface and is being cleaned and cleared. So, where you see…whether it is next door neighbor, or Washington, or Moscow, Jerusalem, or Syria, Uganda, Zimbabwe, wherever you see anything that is not of love, take it in your hands, cup it as if you are trying to get a glass of water, a sip of water…cup it, put it in your hands, whether it is an entire continent or an individual, and allow the Violet Flame that is burning brightly in your hands to begin to transmute and transform it. Send the Violet Flame from your third eye, from your heart, into your hands, make it the bonfire.


它是如此地简单,但,它是出了名的偏远。是的,大量的混乱来到表面,被清理和净化。所以,你看到 ... 无论是在隔壁邻居,或华盛顿,或莫斯科,或耶路撒冷,或叙利亚、乌干达、津巴布韦,无论你在哪看到不是爱的东西,把它拿起来,用杯子装起来,好像你在倒一杯水 ... 装到杯子里,拿到手上,无论它是一整片大陆还是一个个体,让在你手中明亮燃烧的紫罗兰火焰开始转变和转化它。从你的第三眼、心把紫罗兰火焰发送到手中,让它成为一个篝火


This is concrete action. This is not merely esoteric meditation and wishful thinking and hoping for the best. When you are working with the Violet Flame you are claiming your multi-dimensional self, you are going into other dimensions with your I AM Presence and with The I AM Presence and bringing to the current situation that which is required.




I am pleading with you to give this a few minutes every day. This is what you have said you could do…in addition to being teacher, or a healer, or channel, or wife, or mother…it matters not. All of you, all of you, my beloveds, are healers. Alchemy is just that which is not understood, the same way as miracles are simply what people think of as unexplainable. It is merely you accessing Source and bringing forth what is required, not needing to itemize or identify every single speck of energy, but simply knowing it is love…and you are love.


我恳求你每天花几分钟去这么做。这就是你说过会去做的 ... 除了作为老师、疗愈者、管道、妻子或母亲 ... 这不重要。你们所有人,亲爱的,都是疗愈者。炼金术就是这样,但并未被理解,就像奇迹,人们认为是难以解释的。它只是你访问源头,把所需的带来,不需要列出或鉴定每一丝能量,而是知晓它就是爱 ... 你就是爱


And you are so deeply loved. You are deeply honored and respected and treasured and cherished…and my beloveds, you are needed and your help is needed on planet right now.


你被深深地爱着。你被深深地荣耀、尊重、珍惜和珍视着 ... 亲爱的,你被急需,你的帮助被急需,此时此刻


So, I thank you, I thank you! Go with my love. Farewell.




通灵:Linda Dillon

翻译:Nick Chan





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