Q: A couple of brief questions. Can you give us some means of distinguishing between genuine and fraudulent beings who play this role that the channel plays. You know, channeling.


B: We will make an attempt to do so. However, the terminology of "genuine and fraudulent" may be quite touchy, as you say. We can however guide you to the idea of what is positively or negatively oriented, one way or another.


Usually you will find that those, in your terminology, that are "genuine" will usually have a positive desire, a positive intention behind them. The signs and the signals to look for are as follows: if an individual is focused upon saying, "You must do this! You must do that! I have the answer and this is the only way." you are probably, not absolutely, but probably dealing with, what you would, call an "ego structure" aspect of the individual present before you.


If however, the energy coming through acknowledges the validity of all belief systems and is simply sharing information for the purpose of sharing, for the purpose of expanding, for the purpose of learning in a beneficial and positive way, that makes no demands, that does not want to take your power from you and in your life for you, in all probability, no matter what it is, it is positive and therefore a "genuine" experience, whether it actually is someone else or not.


That is the criteria we would suggest you look for. This does not necessarily mean that individuals on your planet or that your own consciousness cannot come up with either idea. It does not prove, as you say, one way or another that just because you are hearing something positive that it actually has to be another consciousness. However, we would simply go by this particular framework, if it is self-empowering to you, if it gives you the power to make the decisions you need to make in your life, to know that you are in control of your reality, then it is a genuine experience that can be of benefit to you. If it seeks to run your life, if it seeks to drain your power and control the reality around you, then, in that sense, it would be called "fraudulent," no matter what it is. Does that make sense?


Q: Great. Now the hardest question.


B: Oh! Hardest question. All right.


Q: Maybe we find out that the channel is indeed a sincere person and he is in telepathic contact with a being many light years away named "B."


B: Now that is not my name and I will explain that in a moment. But go ahead.


Q: That's not relevant either.问:这不相关。


B: All right.巴夏:好吧。


Q: The interesting question would be, and this is why it's a hard question, from your perspective, what are the chances that your motives are not entirely pure?


B: Prom my perspective? It could be 100% that they are not pure. It could be 100% that they are. It could be anything in between. This is why we say, there is nothing that I can prove to you. It is up to you to prove to yourself whether the information we share with you works in your life or not. We always leave it up to you.


We can guarantee the following thing and this is the only thing we can guarantee: if what we share with you works for you in a positive way and you use it, you will see a change for the positive in your life. In that sense, you will be proving my validity to yourself by utilizing the information in whatever way works best for you. But that is the only way, at this time, that you can prove the idea. There is absolutely no way, shape or form that we insist that this information must be used by you, and that's the only validity, and the only proof we can give you at this time. It is up to you to decide whether or not what you are hearing is something you can assimilate, or can assist your life.


I could be an absolutely cantankerous and rotten individual as far as you know. However, I will leave it up to your sense of discernment to decide for yourself with your own abilities what the information we are sharing can or cannot do in your life. And that is the best I can do.


Q: I'll close with two really simple questions, after that tough one. My last question, which you may not have heard was, even if you do exist, is there a way to detect whether you really are a well-meaning, purely motivated being? Now, the easy questions are these: We're all familiar with new-age doctrines. I wonder if, in your view, any of the current new- age doctrines are seriously misguided?


B: Yes. Many misunderstandings exist, many misinterpretations exist. For you see, much of what you call, new-age doctrine is patterned on old-age styles of approaching things. And therefore, many of the interpretations are still old-age interpretations, even though they may be, shall we say, dressed in new-age apparel.


The idea can be explained perhaps as follows: for thousands of years your society has been taught to think in certain ways, along certain lines. Many new ideas that come in may be being passed and filtered through the old belief systems without conscious understanding that it is being done, and perhaps, being interpreted along old fashioned ways of thinking. For example, an individual may have been brought up to believe, "Change is something that can only occur when trials by fire are present." "You have to really break everything down and tear everything apart in order for any real change to occur." "You have to really suffer and you have to really struggle in order to amount to anything."Now, if that is something that has been ingrained in that individual and, if and when they allow themselves to perceive that a new energy is taking place in the world, that new recognitions are going on, that changes are occurring all around them, they may say, "Well, I'm sensitive to the fact that these changes are coming." However, their unconscious and subconscious minds may fill in the picture to say, "And the only way those changes can come is through destruction, through fear, through trial by fire." Therefore, they will say, "This is the way it must happen" because that's the only way they have been taught is the way it can happen, by earthquakes, fires, floods... trials of deservability.So, there can be a true sensing going on and they can be very sensitive to the fact that certain things are about to happen. But they may be interpreting those changes in the mode that they are used to thinking in without even recognizing that they are doing it. And they "take it for gospel," as you say, simply because the mechanism of applying meaning to situations is so ingrained, is so automatic with all beings within a particular reality, they may not even realize that they are assigning their own interpretation to which may not be the case. Does that help?


Q: That's specific. Yeah, that's helpful. My last question is this: This has all been very one-sided, you're always telling us things. Maybe you came here in some degree of ignorance and curiosity too?


B: We're always curious.


Q: So is there anything we can tell you?


B: Well, all right. Can you tell me why individuals, because this is something we truly do not understand, even though we do have some comprehension of the mechanisms and belief systems that created it, why do individuals upon your planet truly insist on not believing that they are deserving of anything they can imagine? But this is something in all honesty that really does puzzle us. Because you see, in all of the civilizations we have encountered, of course all civilizations are unique, but your civilization is one of the most highly focused in certain ways that we have ever encountered. And one of the most highly focused ideas we have seen in your civilization is the idea, the insistence, of giving away your power. The idea that you are very willing, over and over again, to believe what someone else tells you other than what you know is true for yourself. That is why we always... always, in all of these interactions outline from the beginning, you are never expected to believe anything we say, just because we said it.


The idea is that we have noticed a strong tendency in your society to lock onto things, or just the opposite, to shy away from things because of what you think you must absorb, one way or another. We really have found it quite mesmerizing; really have found it quite puzzling. And it has taken us quite a long time to even have gained the glimmer of understanding we do have as to what the mechanism is that creates an absolute insistence on the part of your species to keep yourself at the lowest common denominator you can imagine, rather than allowing yourself to truly be inspired by your existence, and rise to your full heights as you could.


Q: I'll try to answer to that. My guess is it's something like this: we develop habits that are tied very closely to our physical bodies, which then give rise to an illusion that our ego is tied to our body, and produces with that a habit, a kind of sleeping state, which blinds me and all of us to the possibility that if we awakened, we might become more aware...of our feelings.


B: All right. Would you please define habit


Q: A habit is a repeated tendency, tied to the state of the body to behave in certain ways without the benefit of awareness.


B: A tendency, you are suggesting therefore a type of momentum that occurs?


Q: Exactly.


B: All right. From our point of view, this momentum, this habit, as you call it, can only occur when there is an unawareness of the habit?


Q: Exactly.


B: Then once there is awareness of the habit, it should no longer occur. Is that correct?


Q: True.问,是的

B: Is this what you actually see happening upon your planet?


Q: Well, not really. Not until we actually choose to do it for ourselves, until we decide to act upon that understanding.


B: All right. We thank you for the clarification. But let me say this, it is not in any way, shape or form critical that your society interacts with us. That is not the end all, be all of the idea of why we are communicating with you. We are not the most important thing, you are. On your world, your planet is the most important thing to you. And when you, as a society, at the risk of me sounding preachy, begin to allow yourselves to truly live up to your full potential, you will co-create with us a vibrational frequency that will create a middle ground, a meeting space in which your frequency and our frequency can come together in a compatible format.


You see, you must meet us half way. The dimension in which we exist, from your point of view, is rather ethereal in nature, rather dream-like in nature. And that is why it's actually simpler for us to contact you through the dream aspect of your consciousness, rather than physically materializing in your world. It can be done and it has been done. But it is actually not as easy to do, because we have to lower our vibrational frequency down so far, we have to solidify ourselves so far in order to materialize in your planet. It is actually easier to touch you on a mental level first, because that is where you are closest to the frequency in which we naturally exist. What to us is our physical, solid, material reality, to you, are the stuff dreams are made of.


Q: Thank you.


B: Thank you. Sharing!



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