We are loving you powerfully. Each and every one of you are sovereign beings. You do not need to kneel down in our presence. You do not need to use flowery speech to speak to us. You do not need to go to a certain building, or even a certain room. It delights us no end when you connect with us out of doors where so much more of creation is accessible to you. When you use the broad palette of nature as the background of your life, you generally experience much more well-being than those who do not enjoy the outdoors.




The sun is not your enemy. It is vitally important that you spend some time in the sun periodically to replenish your vitamin D. Supplements are only marginally beneficial compared to the real thing. Your body responds much better to natural sunlight than manufactured pills. The more you can gradually increase your time in the sun little by little, the less you will turn to unnatural products to ‘protect’ you from the sun. We recommend that if you are not in the habit of spending time out of doors without protection, that you begin doing so in increments of 10 minutes per day. After a number of days, you can increase it to 20 minutes. After another week, you might increase it to 30 minutes. In this way, you will gently acclimate yourself to the sun and its benefits.


太阳不是你的敌人。很重要去花时间定期地处于太阳下来补充维生素 D ,补品与实物相比只有少量的益处。你的身体对自然的日光会更好地响应,比起人工的药物。你越多地逐步增加处于太阳底下的时间,你就越不需要人造的产品来“保护”你免受太阳的伤害。我们建议,如果你并不习惯没有保护措施地出门,那就每天增加 10 分钟去这么做。在数天之后,你可以增加到 20 分钟。在一星期后,你可以增加到 30 分钟。如此,你会慢慢地适应太阳和它的益处


Your beliefs are powerful. We recommend that you think of the sun as healing and that will be your experience. Your experience will be more important than any hearsay or printed information. We are not recommending that you spend hours in the sun if you are not used to it. We are suggesting that you make a habit of spending some time in the sun in small increments until you and your body can appreciate longer exposure. The more you learn experientially, the more you will be able to share accurate information with others. That does not mean they will have the same experience as you. Your experience is yours and someone else may do the same thing that you do and have a very different experience. Therefore, we recommend you proceed more and more through life with a sense of adventure in terms of creating your own reality through your own desired and lived experiences. We do not recommend not trying things because other people have tried something and have not had a pleasurable result.


你的信念很强大。我们建议你去认为太阳是具有疗愈性的,那么这就会成为你的体验。你的体验会比任何传闻或打印的信息更加重要。我们不是建议你花几小时处于太阳下,如果你不习惯。我们是在建议养成一个花费少量时间处于太阳下的习惯,直到你和你的身体可以享受更长时间    的暴露。你根据经验学习地越多,你越有能力与他人分享精确的信息。这并不意味着他们的体验会和你一样。你的体验是你的,别人可能会做和你一样的事情,但会有不一样的体验。因此,我们建议你伴随着冒险精神经历生活,关于通过你的渴望和生活经验创造你的现实。我们并不是建议不去尝试什么,因为其他人已经尝试了并没有一个愉快的结果


There are many reasons why people have unwanted experiences. In many cases, unwanted experiences are the result of stress, fear, worry, attachment to outcome, or trying to control a situation or other people. For many people, none of these apply. Those for whom these factors do not apply are the ones who live life in the flow. Those who live in the flow tend to experience much greater ease in life. Beloveds, we highly encourage you to attach to all that is in your highest good and detach from all that does not serve you. We are oversimplifying this message because your life can be that simple if you allow it to be. We recommend that you simplify your lives as much as possible. The more you let go of, the more you will enjoy life. By this we mean, let go of those relationships that do not serve you. Let go of all the material goods in your basement, your attic, your garage. Let go of unwanted responsibilities – of ownership, of obligations that you have no vested interest in, of positions that do not reflect your values. Be willing to trade that which does not serve you for that which brings you great joy. Be the change you wish to see in the world and begin with your own life.


有着许多原因为什么人们拥有不想要的体验。在许多情况中,不想要的体验是压力、恐惧、担忧、依附于结果或试图控制一个情况 / 其他人的结果。对于许多人,这些东西都不符合。那些并不符合的人是处于流动的人。那些生活于流动的人倾向于体验更大的轻盈。亲爱的,我们高度鼓励你依附所有是你最高良善的东西,断离所有不再服务于你的东西。我们过分简化了这个信息,因为你的生活可以是这样的简单,如果你允许。我们建议你尽可能地简化你的生活。你越多地放下,你越享受生活。我们是说,放下那些并不服务于你的人际关系。放下所有地下室、阁楼、车库中的物质。放下不必要的责任 --- 关于你没有既得利益的所有权、义务,关于并不反映你价值的位置。愿意把并不服务于你的东西替换成带给你喜悦的东西。成为你希望在世上看到的改变并从你自己的生活开始


And so it is.




The Collective of Guides.




通灵:Salena Migeot

翻译:Nick Chan





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