I come on the wings of love! The energies coming in the months ahead are intensified love Light. It will make those who are not resonating with this energy feel like their world has turned upside down, with everything they believed in being revealed as not what they think it is. They will see their thoughts manifesting around them almost instantly – any lies, collusions, deceits and corruption they participate in will have to be faced by them and brought into accountability. We caution each of you to discipline your thoughts towards all the good that you want to experience in your daily life. As we have often said, find things every day to be grateful for. Feeling gratitude will increase the pleasant happenings in your life and these will manifest very quickly.

我驾着爱的翅膀而来!未来几个月将会到来的能量是加强的爱与光。那些不与这个振动共振的人会感到他们的世界上下颠倒, 他们相信的一切会被揭示为 不是他们认为的样子。他们会看到他们的想法几乎瞬间在他们周围显化 --- 他们参与的任何谎言、勾结、欺骗和腐敗,必须要去亲自面对并被问责。我们提醒你们每个人去锻炼你的想法(朝向你想要在日常生活中体验的所有美好)。如我们经常所说,每天去寻找可以感恩的东西。感恩会增加你生活中令人愉悦的事件,这些东西会非常快速地显化

Nurture your body, mind and spirit with online activities that make you laugh and feel good about yourself, your loved ones and others around you. Watch only positive, happy movies that leave you feeling uplifted and inspired and in tune with Creator Source. Align everyday with thoughts that make you happy, especially when confronted with images and fear based negative thinking. Learn to observe when this happens and when it does, just say “NO – not my reality!” Choose to experience all that is good, all that is decent and empowering to you and others and this is the ripple effect that will go out into the atmosphere of the planet to empower the entirety of Creation. Doing so will uplift our planet into joy and in this way, make it a sacred home for the purified “made as new” humans.

伴随着让你欢笑和感觉良好(对你自己、你心爱的人和周围的其他人)的活动滋养你的身体、头脑、精神。只观看让你感到振奋人心、被激励、与造物主源头协调一致的积极、快乐的电影。每天与让你开心的想法对齐,尤其当面对基于恐惧的画面和负面想法时。学会观察,当这发生。当它真的发生,只是说“不 --- 不是我的现实!”选择去体验所有美好的东西、所有正派的东西、所有授权的东西,这是会涟漪到大气层去授权整体造物的连锁反应。这么做会将地球提升到喜悦中,在这样的方式中,让它成为被净化的“全新”人类的神圣家园

You are in preparation stage for learning how the new reality works. In this new reality, all your thoughts and feelings are instantaneously manifested as your outward experience. (This is already happening for some of you…you know it as synchronicity and signposts along the way). It is better to cleanse any inner motivations that are not in alignment with the highest good of all as quickly and responsibly as you can. The current period of time is to allow everything not in alignment with your highest and greatest good to rise up from within you that can create a blockage to attaining purity within your being. Inner purity in body, mind and spirit is key to forward movement.

你处于学习新现实如何运作的准备阶段。在这个新现实中,你所有的想法和感受会立刻显化为你的外在体验。(这已经在为你们一些人发生 ... 你认识它为同时性和指路牌)。最好去清理任何不与一切的最高良善对齐的内在动机,尽可能快和负责地。当前的时期在让一切不与你最高良善对齐的东西 从你之内浮现,这会在你的存在中创造一个堵塞 让你难以获得纯净。身体、头脑、精神中的内在纯净是前进的关键

The new game, if you will, in the new reality is to operate your daily affairs in complete transparency, for nothing can remain hidden for long. Everyone will know this truth and this will gradually encourage people to trust each other. This will facilitate remarkable progress in bringing forth new spiritual technology that is helpful for the entire planet and her inhabitants. Many positive and life enhancing changes will manifest. In this moment of now, it is massive and collective cleansing and purifying that we are seeing on a global scale. What used to work before to camouflage undesirable motivations and actions within individuals no longer does. Using distractions by manipulating the collective consciousness to think in certain directions will have no effect, as long as each individual is purified within their inner sanctum.

新的游戏,如果你愿意这么说,在新的现实中,就是在完全的透明度中操作你的日常事务,因为没什么可以长时间隐藏。每个人都会知道这个真理,这会渐渐地鼓励人们去信任彼此。这会显著地促进 带来能够帮助整个地球和其居民的新精神科技。许多积极的提高生活的改变会显化。在这个当下,我们看到的是全球规模的巨大集体清理与净化。曾经可以有效伪装不良动机与行为的东西,不再奏效。通过操众集体意识,去在特定的方向中思考来创造干扰,不再有效,只要每个人的内心被净化

For when one’s heart is pure, it is fearless and automatically protected. Any negative energy sent one’s way will bounce instantly back to the sender who will then have to deal with the chaos they intended for the other. When this is happening often enough to be discerned in the sender’s awareness, they will see that their huge deception over humanity is completely over and done with. They will not be able to control and manipulate humans in order to have a body to use as their tool. These beings, even now, are leaving the planet in great haste. They know their time is ended here.

因为当一个人的心是纯洁的,它是无畏的,自动受保护的。发送给你的任何负面能量会立刻返回发送者,他们会必须处理他们想要别人面对的混乱。当这足够频繁地发生 让发送者意识到这一点,他们会看到,他们对人类巨大的欺骗,已经完全结束了。他们会无法控制和操众人类,为了拥有一个身体可以去利用,当作工具。这些存在,即使是现在,正在巨大的匆忙中离开地球。他们知道他们的时代结束了

Until next month,


I AM Hilarion

我是 Hilarion


传导: Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译: Nick Chan






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