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Laura Eisenhower 被大卫的同事鼓励,公开这份(声称是)大卫的辞职信,如果这是真的,将是暴露出一个非常严重和恶劣的情况。这很有可能是真的,因为它的内容与大卫的博文完全吻合。


声明:不确定这是否合法。(所以用 X 

补充:大卫好友Jimmy Church 7/7/18 说:这信是真的:






Dear Brad and Kiersten,



This letter is to inform you that I will beresigning from Gxxx as of the end of my Term, and am requesting that I beallowed to exit before then - the sooner the better - for reasons I will nowexplain. 

这封信是要通知你,我将会在我约满之时,向盖 X 辞职,并要求我能被允许,在约满之前可以尽早离开-越快越好-现在将要解释其原因。 


As I state later in this letter, I do notwish to discuss this verbally, so please let me know in writing if my requestwill be honored. 



This will have been nearly six years ofservice, the equivalent of getting a Ph.D. had I been doing this work forcollege credits. 



I appreciate all that you have done for mein terms of getting my work out there, and without censorship - at least upuntil the most recent Term. 

我很感谢你为我的工作所做的一切,而且没有审查 - 至少是在最近一季之前。 


I have become profoundly uncomfortable withalmost every aspect of this work environment and management structure,particularly as of FY 2018. The company as a whole seems to be having a severepsycho-spiritual crisis. 

我对这个工作环境和管理结构,几乎每个方面都感到非常不安,特别是截至2018 财政年度。整个公司似乎正面临严重的心理–灵性危机。 


My reasons for withdrawing are multifaceted.Out of a sense of respect, honesty and self-preservation, I will share a few ofthem, though it ultimately is not a requirement that I do so. 



First of all, let me say that the so-calledGxxx Employee Movement has nothing to do with Corey Goode, nor with me. I haveno idea who these people are. I have no idea why they asserted that Corey and Iwere both going to be leaving. They made that up. Leaving this job was only alast-ditch resort until I saw the scope of damage that my reputation is nowsuffering. Corey was concerned that you would think this movement had somethingto do with him, or his legal actions. It does not. 

首先,让我说明,所谓的盖 X 员工运动(Gxxx Employee Movement, GEM),与科里·古德无关,也与我无关。我不知道这些人是谁。我不知道为什么他们声称,科里和我都要离开。他们捏造了这个声明。离开这份工作只是最后选择,只是当我看到我的声誉受到严重损害。科里担心你会以为这场运动与他或他的法律行为有关。它并不是。 


The grievances that Corey has put inwriting regarding how he was treated are absolutely legitimate, and mirror myown. They also bear similarities to the nature and spirit of the manycomplaints being made by the Gxxx Employee Movement, which is a condensedversion of what we also see in secure online forums such as Glassdoor. 

科里在撰写关于他受到如何对待时,所表达的不满是完全合法的,这也反映了我自己的心声。这也与盖X 员工运动所提出的许多抱怨,在性质和精神上相似,也是我们在内部在线论坛(如Glassdoor)所看到的浓缩版本。 


The reason why everyone is yelling in yourface is you. It is not a problem with them. I refuse to pretend otherwise anylonger. These are people who have been so deeply abused and crushed, on thesoul level, that they feel no other choice but to cry out in agony. Desperatepeople are willing to take great risks, which is a very sad thing in this case.This is why I hope Coreys problems can be resolved without any public legalfilings. 



There is a profoundly deep problem with theentire way in which Gxxx is running. I do not believe it is fixable. Nor do Iwish to be involved in trying to fix it. 

X 运作的整个方式,存在深刻问题。我不相信这可以解决。我也不希望尝试参与去修复它。 


If I were to enumerate all of the things Ihave personally seen and witnessed, and how they have made me feel, this wouldbe a very long letter. My goal is not to leave with any sense of bitterness.Nor can I afford to be dragged into any litigation whatsoever - regardless ofwhether this Company offers me the support of its attorneys or not. Ending myemployment now is a much better alternative than continuing in this presentenvironment. 

如果我要列举我亲眼见过的所有事情,以及它们如何让我感受到,这将是一封很长的信。我的目标是不想留下任何苦涩。我也无法承受任何诉讼 - 无论公司是否向我提供律师服务支持。现在结束我的工作,若比起在目前的环境中继续工作,是一个更好的选择。 


Regarding Corey’s legal actions, I do nothave any need or desire to retain an attorney at this point. My goal is to havea peaceful, private separation and get back to doing my own thing. It may berough for a while but I need a clean break and a fresh start. 



I have willfully ignored an enormous numberof offensive, disrespectful and abusive situations in order to do this job thelast six years - primarily out of a sense of financial dependency. That was myown weakness, as I needed time to grieve and take it easy after a devastatingseven-year ordeal with my physically violent ex, which overlapped with my firstthree years on this job. 

为了在过去的六年中完成这项工作,我故意忽略了(公司)对我大量的冒犯,不尊重和亏待的情况 - 主要是出于我在经济上的需要。这是我的弱点,所以我需要时间来释放悲伤,并且在经历了七年严酷的磨难以及我前三年的工作重叠之后,可以放松一下。 


I am now being overwhelmed with emails andwritten comments from people who have heard about the Gxxx Employee Movementand are very upset about what they are learning. They are demanding that Ileave this platform immediately. I can provide many examples to prove thispoint upon request. The level of anger and disgust I am seeing in any one ofthese letters is deeply troubling. 

我现在对那些来自(听说是)盖 X 员工运动的人的电子邮件和书面评论,感到不知所措,并对他们所表达的内容,感到非常不满。他们要求我立即离开这个平台。我可以根据要求,提供许多例子来证明这一点。我在任何一封信中所看到的愤怒和厌恶程度,令人深感不安。 


This is already starting to cause mesignificant career damage and it will get far worse if I dont do somethingabout it, fast. In the post-MeToo era, this issue has explosive, devastatingand inevitable potential to do harm. Entertainment companies have never beforebeen so vulnerable to public uprisings and whistleblowers. This is unchartedterritory and is very dangerous.



Should any of these alleged employees orjournalists actually attempt to contact me directly, I am guaranteeing you inwriting, right now, that I will have nothing to say to them. Just as in thecase of Coreys litigation, I want to remain completely uninvolved and neutral.This whole situation is terrifying to me in terms of what it could potentiallydo to the credibility and value of my entire lifes work. 



The YouTube videos about this areproliferating. They cannot be silenced thanks to peoples First Amendmentrights. If you were to try to stop them it would get much worse at a muchfaster speed. I am already seeing these videos getting tens of thousands ofhits. 

关于此事的YouTube 视频,正在激增。由于公民第一修正案权利,他们不会沉默。如果你试图阻止他们,情况会以更快的速度变得更糟。我已经看到那些视频,获得成千上万的点击量。 


This situation is on the verge of goingviral in a very big way. I can see it coming. I am being called out by name inmany of these videos. People are wondering why I am still involved, and theyare extremely angry. It is getting very, very ugly. 



My recommendation is for the Company toaccept my resignation, as it will draw the teeth out of this movement, givethem a perceived win, and allow you to more quickly return to business withoffering your impressive collection of curated content and original programs.Otherwise, if I were to remain affiliated, the heat will grow exponentially. IfI retain the job and refuse to comment, the damage to my career and reputationcould be nearly total. I have to look out for my own future. 



Your team had Tucker Collins send my wife aletter, which effectively amounts to a request for me to take your side in thisbattle in the public eye, including video appearances. That is not something Iwish to do, nor am capable of doing. Why? Because several of the things theGxxx Employee Movement (GEM) has been saying are absolutely correct, based onmy firsthand eyewitness experience - which I do not ever want to share with thepublic. 

你团队中的塔克·柯林斯(Tucker Collins)给我妻子寄了一封信,实际上等于要我在公众的眼目中,参与这场斗争,包括现身在视频中。这不是我想做的事,也不是我能做的事。为什么?因为盖X 员工运动所说的一些事情是完全正确的,基于我的第一手目击经验–但我不想与公众分享。 


The Company also attempted to upload avideo to my YouTube channel that aggressively promotes Luciferianism namelyS1E1 of Ancient Civilizations - even while Gxxx supposedly has a policy of noreligion, at least for my fellow colleagues and me. I was tricked intoparticipating in a very religious program that I do not want tohave any affiliation with. This show is literally saying that God is Evil andLucifer is God - who (ahem) also happens to be a reptilian alien.Seriously? 

公司还尝试将视频上传到我的YouTube 频道,积极推广路西法教(撒旦教派一个分支)-即第 1 季第1 集的"古代文明",即使盖 X 的政策据说是一个没有宗教的机构,至少对我的同事和我来说。我被诱骗参加一个非常宗教性的计划,我不想与它有任何联系。这个节目明确地说:上帝是邪恶,而路西法就是上帝-同时也是一个爬虫外星人。真的吗?


How would this look if it all got draggedinto the public eye, especially in light of the overwhelming online movementcalled Pizzagate ? Millions of people are now working to identify Luciferianelements in our society, and they are murderously angry about it.



This is easily proven by the fact thatEdgar Maddison Welch walked into Comet Ping-Pong Pizza in Washington, DC onDecember 4th, 2016, and fired his assault rifle. He was sentenced to four yearsin prison. 

很容易证明这一点,2016 12 4 日,编剧埃德加·麦迪逊·韦尔奇(Edgar Maddison Welch)走进华盛顿特区的"彗星乒乓"披萨店内(Comet Ping-Pong Pizza)开枪,他被判处四年徒刑。 





Some have debated whether these Pizzagateclaims are grounded in reality or not, but that does not change the enormousdanger that political activists in this arena are now posing to theaccused. 



The potential damage to my career,reputation and physical safety from the existence of Ancient Civilizations onthe Gxxx network is massive, as I have been very outspoken in the public eyeagainst Luciferianism, and will continue to do so. 

在盖 X 的新节目"古代文明"(译注:2017 10 月开播,已播了 20集),对我的职业,声誉和人身安全,构成了巨大的潜在损害,因为我在公众视线中,一直都是直言不讳的反对路西法教的,并将会继续这样做。 


Even worse, I had already written severalinvestigative articles about Pizzagate on my website before AncientCivilizations was released, making it clear that I believe these claims arelargely based in provable facts. 



The Ancient Civilizations show went forwardon the Gxxx network despite my public attestations of the evidence thatpedophilia, human sacrifice, cannibalism and Luciferianism are being practicedin elite circles.

尽管我公开证明了恋童癖,人类献祭,同类相食,自相残杀和路西法教,正是精英集团圈子里常见事情的证据,但盖 X 仍将"古代文明"放在网络上开播。 


I thank God (the authentic Christian one)that this show did not get popular. My unwilling appearance in a show with thiscontent could actually lead to someone attempting to murder me for religiousreasons, just as almost happened at Comet Pizza. 



I already discussed this very seriousthreat against my life with Melissa Tittl, the producer of Ancient Civ ,immediately after the release of the first tranche of episodes - in a veryheated onehour phone conversation. 

我已经在第一集发布后,立即和墨丽贝·迪特乐(Melissa Tittl"古代文明"制片人)表明了,这个将会对我生命构成严重威胁–我们进行了一小时非常激烈的电话交谈。 


Therefore the Company was apprised at thevery beginning that the Ancient Civilizations program was promoting Luciferagainst my very strong verbal requests to the contrary, and in completedisregard for my personal safety. Nonetheless, the marketing and production ofthis Lucifer propaganda has continued unabated. The second season went lighterwith it, but most will begin with Season 1. 



This is why I am not willing or able toallow Gxxx access to my YouTube channel ever again. All sense of trust andhonor has been destroyed. That video was minutes from going live before Icaught it and stopped it. The Company was well aware of how I felt about theshow. Had I enough confidence in my ability to earn money through other means,I really should have quit right then. There have been a sizable number ofegregious dealbreakers like this that I have overlooked.

这就是为什么我不愿意或不能让盖X 电视再次进入我的YouTube 频道。所有的信任和荣誉感都被摧毁了。那段视频在我制止它,并停止播放之前几分钟就上线了。公司很清楚我对这个节目的立场感受。如果我有足够信心通过其他方式赚钱的话,我当然应该放弃。我忽略了相当数量这种令人震惊的合约破坏者。


In my opinion, Ancient Civilizations isLuciferian propaganda disguised as entertainment. 



Luciferianism is the religion of the eliteglobalist group I oppose. 



Luciferianism is commonly used as an excusefor pedophilia, human sacrifice, cannibalism and genocidal aspirations, amongother very unsavory things. 



Luciferianism is already being blatantlypromoted in Hollywood films, music videos, television shows, video games andawards ceremonies. Millions of people are now identifying the symbols andthemes associated with this propaganda, some of which are directly found in FBIdatabases for human trafficking. Yet, none of this Lucifer propaganda has everbeen as direct as the religious perspective that was articulated in AncientCivilizations. 

路西法教已经在好莱坞电影,音乐录像带,电视节目,电子游戏和颁奖典礼上大肆宣传。数百万人现正在与此宣传的符号和主题有关,其中一些直接可以在FBI 数据库中找到,用于贩运人口。然而,这种路西法宣传,从来没有像"古代文明"所阐述的宗教观点那样直接。 


I understand that some people have a moremoderate or polite view of Luciferianism, where the sick and murderousimplications of Pizzagate are not included. Either way, I want no connection toit whatsoever. 



I was greatly disappointed to see GrahamHancock come out of the closet about his Luciferian beliefs in this show. Theresulting heated emails I exchanged with him basically destroyed our personaland professional relationship and we have never spoken again. 



The ongoing promotion of Lucifer on Gxxx isalso an enormous corporate liability in light of some of the claims GEM isattempting to make. We are potentially days away from armies of internet dorksfinding Ancient Civ and using it as evidence against me and this company as awhole - particularly since I repeatedly appear in it, and therefore appear tobe endorsing its contents.

鉴于盖X 员工运动试图提出的一些指控,对盖 X 电视持续推广路西法信仰,也要付上巨大的企业责任。互联网军队可能不到几天,就会找到"古代文明"的证据,并用它来指控我和整间公司- 特别是因为我反复出现在节目中,因此看似赞同其内容。


Furthermore, I have witnessed multiplecases in which a commercial for Lucifer, I mean Ancient Civ , is burned intothe end of my show Cosmic Disclosure. This is tantamount to a propaganda waragainst my own following, which is almost entirely Judeo-Christian. It alsoviolates my own religious freedom, since publicly I have made it very clearthat I do not think the God of the Abrahamic religions is a demiurge that isluring everyone into a soul trap, and that Lucifer is our misunderstoodreptilian savior.  



Ancient Civilizations is tantamount to alegal and intellectual argument in favor of Lucifer. This is easily proven,since every episode I watched of Season One inevitably steered the viewer backto the idea that God is Evil and Lucifer is Good . This conclusion isabsolutely indisputable for anyone who watches the show. Multiple comments Iread after its release indicated that viewers were deeply disturbed, if nothorrified. Thus a "silent boycott" resulted where subscribers simplyrefused to continue watching it. 



While you have the right to practice or promoteany religion you choose, you have violated my own Constitutional rights tofreedom of religion by using your power over me as my employer to make itappear that I support and endorse these bizarre conclusions. 



Furthermore, the Company represented itselfto me as a positive, spiritual organization that promotes health, wellness,transformation and Seeking Truth. I brought in my top insiders with theexplicit understanding that we were all unified in our desire to oppose anelite globalist cabal that worships Lucifer. This was certainly the politicaland religious stance of our main producer at the time, Jay Weidner, and weworked with that principle as our defining creed. 

此外,公司曾向我表示,它是一个积极正面的,有灵性的组织,促进健康,美好,转变和寻求真理的机构。我带领着我的顶级内幕人士,明确理解我们反对崇拜路西法的全球精英主义阴谋集团的愿望是一致的。这当然是我们也是主要制作人杰丽·伟德内尔(Jay Weidner)的政治和宗教立场,我们将这一原则作为我们的坚定信条。 


To then edit Corey Goode and me both into ashow that aggressively attacks God as Evil, and Lucifer as Good, constitutes abreach of the contract I signed as an employee. This could furthermore belegitimately considered as fraud, because the employer grossly misrepresentedthe political and spiritual beliefs of the Company to me at the outset andentrapped me into a potentially lifethreatening situation. 



Had I known that these religious beliefswould be so aggressively promoted, with commercials for Ancient Civ dropped inat the end of many Cosmic Disclosure episodes, I would have never agreed towork for Gxxx in the first place. Nor can I feel comfortable involving any ofmy colleagues any further. 

如果我知道这种宗教信仰,会被如此积极地推广,在许多集揭露宇宙节目结束时加插的节目“古代文明”的彩蛋广告,我从一开始就绝不会同意盖 X 的这个安排。而让一些同事涉及其中,更令我感到不舒服。 


This puts me in a very difficult situation,both spiritually and with my public platform, and could force me to explain myside of the story if the career damage spreads. I must retain the right todefend myself and state my spiritual position in the event that this internetchatter becomes the predominant topic about me that my larger audience focuseson. It is my hope that a quick, quiet and polite exit will make all of thisunnecessary. 



Out of all the many things that havegreatly upset me, nothing has caused me more distress than seeing how badly mycolleague Emery Smith has been deceived. Many distinct verbal promises withvarious witnesses were made to him, only to be completely broken. 



In fact, the lack of integrity in Gxxxsverbal agreements is so high that I no longer trust anything that anyone inthis company says to me unless I get it in writing. That is why I do not wishto discuss this letter on the phone. 

事实上,盖X 在口头协议上,缺乏诚信是如此之严重,以至于我不再相信这家公司的任何人对我所说的话,除非我以书面形式提出。这就是为什么我不想在电话里讨论这封信的内容。 


At one point Emery was told there were fivedifferent ways in which he could be offered a six-figurea-year job in exchangefor moving to Boulder. At other points I was told there would be no problem ingiving him such things as a signing bonus, production fee advance, moneyagainst future events, et cetera. 



I was also promised a finders fee forbringing new insiders into the program. I have never seen a dime of this forany of them, despite being directly responsible for Pete Peterson, Emery Smithand other top insiders risking their lives to provide their testimony onGxxx. 

公司曾答应我一个寻找新内幕人士加入的奬励金。尽管皮特·彼得森,埃默里·史密斯和其他顶级内幕人士走到幕前,冒着生命危险向盖 X 提供证词,但我从未因他们任何一个人站出来,而收过一分钱奬励金。 


It is an absolute legal fact that each ofthese people only came forward because they trusted me, and they were severelymistreated by this company. This has caused incredible, ongoing damage to myexisting relationships with my insiders, including David Adair. Had I gottenany of this promised

finders fee, I would have gladly shared itwith Emery to help keep him and Olivia alive. 

这是一个绝对合法的事实,这些人中的每一个,都只是因为他们信任我才肯挺身而出,他们受到了这家公司的严重亏待。这对我与内幕人士(包括大卫·阿代尔David Adair)的现有关系,造成了难以置信的持续损害。我并没有得到任何因寻找新内幕人士加入的奬励金,我很乐意与埃默里分享(这些奬金),以协助他和奥利维亚的生活费。 


As another example, I captured PetePetersons entire life story in a series of episodes for Cosmic Disclosure inAugust 2016, only to be told by Gxxx management that they will be buriedindefinitely. Pete is now drugged and on his deathbed in a nursing home, afterhaving had a stroke, and is no longer mentally or physically capable ofperforming an interview ever again. 

另一个例子是,我在2016 8 月的揭露宇宙系列中,录制了皮特·彼得森的整个人生故事,但盖X 管理层却告诉我们,这些视频将会无限期地被雪藏。皮特现在要依靠药物,并在疗养院接受临终治疗,不再有精神或体力再次接受访问。 


At least 25 episodes, or half a years worthof amazing and relevant programming, have been suppressed. I have had no say inthe matter whatsoever. 



As far as I am concerned, Petes impressivelegacy is gone forever due to the crass political manipulation of this company.If this footage were to be released to me for public distribution, it could beof key assistance in mitigating the awesome damage the Company is now sufferingonline. 



I nurtured that relationship and trust withPete for eight years to build up to those tapings. This included weeks of timewhere my wife and I fed and cared for Pete in Boulder, as otherwise it wouldhave been impossible to get him to appear and perform as needed. 



It was shocking to have his lifes work andlegacy buried after this prodigious effort we made. The reasons for this suppressionhave never been given, other than that the content was not focused enough onthe Secret Space Program. 



This is a grievous assault against my hardwork and good will, as well as the entire life story of a man who is arguablymy number-one insider. The noble thing for Gxxx to do would be to allow me toaccess and properly edit and utilize that footage for public consumption. 

这是对我辛勤工作和善意的严重打击,以及一个可以说是我的头号内幕人士的整个人生故事。盖 X 若要做些高尚的事,请允许我取回及正确编辑该视频,提供给公众使用。 


I hereby promise and guarantee in writingthat any and all of the verbal abuse Pete and I suffered during those tapingswill be completely edited out and destroyed. Or, the Company could provide mewith versions where the examples of these incidents were already redacted. 



I do not want to say or produce anythingnegative about this Company, publicly or privately. The Pete Peterson tapingsare a critical historical archive that cannot be replaced. 



Many, many episodes can be distilled fromthose tapings with proper editing, and this material is literally priceless asa testament to a man who in time will be one of our greatest Americanheroes. 



Emery, another great hero, spent monthsliving in a hotel with no support from this company, even as he nearly gave hislife to resurrect its top show for another year. 



He has endured multiple death threats, thetheft of all his property and the murder of his dog as an immediate result ofhaving resurrected Cosmic Disclosure. Pete also had multiple death threats andthe loss of all of his property after coming forward on this same program,which has created sizable earnings for Gxxx as its flagship show. 

他已经受了多次的死亡威胁,他所有的财产被盗窃,以及他的狗被杀,是因为他现身在揭露宇宙节目中。皮特在现身同样的节目之后,也遭受了多次死亡威胁及所有财产的损失,但同时这些节目,却为盖X 作为旗舰制作,创造了可观的收益。 


I was forced to do multiple fundraisers tobring Emery critical emergency funding while Gxxx counts her money, enjoying asurging stock price and skyrocketing subscriber count. This has causedwidespread questions in my audience as to why your top talent is not beingsupported. I was forced to conduct at least three similar fundraisers for Coreyand two for Pete Peterson due to the total lack of support for whistleblowersat this company. As they say in Mexico, No Mas. 

我被迫做多次筹款活动,带来埃默里关键的紧急资金,盖 X 却在数算它的盈利,享受股价飙升和用户数目突飞猛进。这引起了我的观众广泛的关注,为什么你的顶尖揭密者得不到支持。由于公司完全缺乏对揭密者的支持,我被迫为科里进行至少三次类似的募捐活动,为皮特·彼得森进行了两次类似的募捐活动。正如他们在墨西哥所说的那样。 


Your legalese-rich personal letter to mefrom June 29th accuses Corey of attempting to obstruct disclosure, while youeffectively left my friends for dead. Emery IS disclosure, and that should behonored and protected - just as Petes legacy must be. 

6 29日你给我那充满法律用语的私人信件,指责科里试图阻挠揭露,而你有效地让我的朋友们死了。埃默里在揭露,应该受到尊重和保护 - 就像皮特的遗产一样。 


There is an honorable way for the Companyto conclude our professional relationship, and restoring the only footage ofPetes public testimony would be a huge leap forward for Disclosure. If Petesfootage is not released, then Gxxx is directly obstructing disclosure from avery high-ranking, genuine insider who will soon be dead. 

公司可以用一种光荣的方式来结束我们的工作关系,恢复皮特公开证词的视频,将是揭露的一次巨大飞跃。如果皮特的录像没有被发布,那么盖 X 就是直接阻止一位即将死亡的真正高级内幕人士的揭露了。 


Emery could very easily have been killedfor being on your show. He still could. You lied to him, brought him in, milkedhis talent and left him to be torn apart by wild dogs. And now you are veryobviously attempting to stockpile more episodes by acting as if we urgentlyneed to do all these tapings. We do not. 



You directly aided and abetted my enemy,the Cabal, by being more than happy to gross some four million dollars a month(your latest quarterly subscriber total was announced as 430,000) while forcingEmery Smith to live in hotels and rental cars. He barely had enough money forfood and you slammed the door in his face every time he asked. 

你直接帮助和怂恿我的敌人 - 阴谋集团,非常乐意每月花费大约 400 万美元(你最新的季度用户总数宣布为 430,000),同时迫使埃默里·史密斯居住在酒店中及租车。他几乎没有足够的钱买食物,但每次当他问你时,你都关上了门。 


Even Emery and Olivias desperate,impoverished homeless life would have been impossible to afford had it not beenfinanced almost exclusively by my emergency fundraisers - which have furtherdegraded my public credibility and reputation. 



Forcing me to raise money to properly payyour talents is not an acceptable business model.  



Oh, the Board. Our policies The contract Wecould never Everyone gets the same He made a mistake in his accounting... 



Please. The last viewership figure I heardon Cosmic Disclosure was a 43-percent share of the audience. With your latestpublicly-announced total subscriber count of 430,000, thats 184,900 viewerspaying 9.95 a month. Ill do the math for you: thats $1,839,755 dollars grossper month. Many of your

viewers dont even watch anything else, as Ihave often heard from various staff members. 

我在揭露宇宙中听到的最新观众人数比例是43%。随着你最近公布的总用户人数为430,000,即184,000 名观众每月(为此节目)支付了9.95 美元。我会为你做数学计算:每月总计是839,755 美元。许多观众甚至不看其他节目,正如我经常从各工作人员那里听到的那样。 


How do you think it looks to me, and to theaudience, that so little of that money was allocated in our direction that Iwas forced to beg the good people in my audience to keep my insiders alive onmultiple occasions? 



Oh, Gxxx pays everyone the same. Grassrootscompany . Thats about all I could say in your defense. 430,000 subscribers isnot at all grassroots, and you are out there announcing this publicly. Do yourealize what a political nightmare this is? Or do you just not even care atthis point? 

哦:"盖 X 向每个人付出同样的代价。是基层公司"。这就是你的辩词。430,000 名订户,根本不会全部是基层,你们还在那里公开宣布这一点。你意识到这是一场政治噩梦吗?或者你甚至不关心这个? 


The reason why the numbers are dropping onmy shows is because there is a growing and unstoppable movement where peopleare being urged to unsubscribe from Gxxx - even if they love me and myprograms. As someone who has observed internet trends for many years, I do notbelieve there is any way to stop this from proliferating and becoming much,much bigger, short of my own resignation to give you a fresh start, andreleasing the Peterson footage as a gift to the audience. 

数字在我的节目中下降的原因,是因为有一个越来越势不可挡的运动,人们被要求要取消订阅盖X - 即使他们爱我和我的节目。作为一个多年观察互联网趋势的人,我不相信有任何办法可以阻止这种趋势的扩散,变得更大,更大,没有我的辞职,给你一个新的开始,并释放彼得森的录像,作为送给观众的一个礼物吧。 


The problem is that I am very politicallyactive, even if I have been legally forced not to discuss politics on my showsanymore. When people look at what I am doing in the greater public sense andcombine it with what GEM is saying, they are going to get very agitated. 

问题是我在政治上非常活跃,即使我被迫在法律上,不能在我的节目上谈论这个问题。但当人们在更大的公共平台上,看到我正在做的事,并与盖 X 员工运动中所说的相吻合时,他们将会变得非常激动。 


Both of us will fare far better if myinvolvement ends before this spreads into a full-blown wildfire.  



Either way, this letter constitutes formal,legal notice that I will not be renewing my contract at the end of my Term. Ido not wish to negotiate on this point, nor do I wish to discuss my decision onthe phone or in person, since verbal agreements are routinely shattered in thisCompany. Please let me know in writing whether or not I will be allowed to stepdown now or if I have to wait until the end of the Term. 



Let me be clear that I have not wanted toaid and abet GEMs efforts in any way, nor will I do so after I have left.Should I be asked about this, I will simply say that we parted for mutualcreative differences and to pursue other opportunities. 

让我明确申明一点,我不想以任何方式,协助和教唆盖X 员工运动,我离开后也不会这样做。如果我被人问到这个问题,我会简单地说,我们分开是因为大家对创作的差异,并想寻找其他机会。 


I must also retain the right to defend myspiritual and religious stance and clear my reputation in the event ofsignificant public damage, if need be. This may include a public statement thatI disagree with the conclusions of Ancient Civilizations, should that issuebecome a firestorm. 



I would let my audience know that I was notinvolved in the writing or production of that episode. I was only asked certainquestions in a taping, without understanding how they would be used. 



Gxxx has protected itself in my contract ifmy reputation were to be significantly damaged in the public eye. By color oflaw, those same legal rights should extend to me in the event that the Companysown reputation becomes significantly damaged. This is precisely what is nowhappening. 

如果我的声誉在公众眼中受到严重损害,盖X 已经在我的合同中保护了自己。根据法律的原意,当公司自身的声誉受到严重损害,同样的合法权利,也应该延伸到我身上。这正是现在发生的事情。 


As soon as people find AncientCivilizations, Gxxx will appear to be a company that promotes and endorses aLuciferian agenda, even while providing disclaimers at the beginning of eachepisode that the Company may or may not agree with what is being said. Themasses will vote their own way and that disclaimer will not convince them. 

一旦人们发现"古代文明",盖 X 似乎成了一个鼓吹或认可"路西法议程"的公司,即使在每集开头贴出了"免责声明",公司可能会或不会同意所说的内容。群众将会以自己的方式投票,"免责声明"将无法说服他们。 


I will need to get to work in establishingthe next steps that I will be doing to make sure I still have a sustainableincome after this. To that end, I have some very important business meetings Ineed to take in the last two weeks of July, and will not be available to tapeon July 16th and 17th. 

我需要努力开始建立我将要走的下一步,以确保在此之后,我仍然有可持续的收入。为此,我有一些非常重要的商务会议,需要在 7 月的最后两周进行,并且在716-17 日不能进行录像。 


Contractually, Gxxx is already coveredthrough at least the end of October with Cosmic episodes I have shot with Emeryand Corey, even if certain episodes are combined. The legal threat with Coreystill

hangs over my head. 



Therefore, if you decide not to allow me toexit before the end of the Term, we can finish out my contract with eight ormore episodes at the dates that were allocated in August providing that thelegal threat from Corey's team has been successfully ameliorated by then.



Again, my request is not to discuss this onthe phone due to the enormous problems with integrity that I have suffered overthe last five and a half years. 



David Wilcxxk 




网友分析:盖亚 '古代文明" 揭露宇宙节目后面加彩蛋,引人去看,又加插大卫的评论在节目中,吸引大卫粉丝。盖亚试图将大卫塑造成路西法的支持者,令外界反对路西法教的人会对大卫不利。大卫收到很多激进人士的电邮,要求他立即离开盖亚,内容令他不安,他有生命危险。科里对盖亚提起法律诉讼,因为科里背后有团队资金支持,大卫是个人,因此没有资金支持加入科里对盖亚的法律诉讼。由于大卫是盖亚的员工,揭秘宇宙是跟大卫合作的节目,科里对盖亚诉讼也包括大卫,连带责任,但是,科里并没有专门针对大卫,只是法律方面的程序。综上所述,大卫并不想以法律形式卷入或者迎战,退出盖亚是最好的选择。


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