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I am Mother Mary and I thank your for all your work that you have done on Earth. You cannot be thanked enough, as it is large job that you have taken on. It now prepares the way for a new dawn, which means a new phase in Earths history. The new dawn brings with it its light and love and brings you together in one unit again. The higher heart and the higher mind stand ready to work with you now. You have it all within you. The higher intuition work with a higher spiritual wisdom and everything becomes calm within you. You feel whole and reverential for all that is. All exist in the stillness. In your own stillness you are everything. Sit still and feel how heart and mind are tied together and you become one with all that is around you. This is where you find your strength, your power and your inspiration. This is where you manifest the visions that are for your best and that of Earth. It is for this reason important to enter your heart daily and feel the stillness and quietness that exist there. It is in this quietness and silence that new ideas are being born, and visions that later can bubble up in your heart and mind.




The connection with Earth is important. Everybody needs to be grounded so that the speed is reduced and the heart has a chance to catch up with the mind, which has a habit of flittering off. It usually does not work out well if the heart is not that which leads with its ancient wisdom. Take one step at a time dear children on Earth and enter often into your heart to get it confirmed that you are on the right path. Ask for help and you will receive. It will come to you in one way or another. Do not worry. Everything that is done with good intentions will work well and you will get the help you need along the way.




The body is clearing out much now and many are tired, but it will feel much better afterwards. Some of the ailments you have will disappear and you will receive a higher energy. Eventually all ailments will disappear depending on how much and how strong blockages you have. You might have assembled much during the years past, but much can be cured today from both old and new medicines. Look around you. The answers are not so far away from you. Ask yourselves if there is a path that you can follow in order to feel well. Seek and you will find do not stay stubbornly in the old, as it will bring you nowhere. It is possible to combine, but be open for new possibilities.


身体已经进行了大量的清理,许多人很累,但之后感觉会好很多。你的一些小疾病会消失,你会收到更高的能量。最终所有的疾病会消失,取决于你所持有的堵塞是如何地强大。你也许在过去的几年整合了许多,但今天很多可以从旧的新的药品中疗愈。看看周围。答案并不遥远。问问自己是否有着一条可以跟随的道路,以便感觉良好。寻求,你会找到 --- 不要固执地处于旧地,因为这无法让你前往任何地方。结合是可行的,但为新的可能性敞开


There are many possibilities on Earth today. The climate is becoming ever more open for different kinds of both alternative cures and technologies different from what you have used during hundreds of years. The future looks bright my dear friends on Earth and we are very proud of you. We are most grateful that you keep the light alive in your hearts and that you give it the sustenance so that it grows larger and larger.




Let us now take each other by the hand and form a unit in love and light.




I love you so much,




Mother Mary




原文: hthttp://sananda.website/mother-mary-via-ann-dahlberg-july-7th-2017/

通灵: Ann Dahlberg

翻译:Nick Chan





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