What’s All This about Karma?


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 God said:

天父说 :


The idea of Karma in the world is readily accepted, referred to a lot. We can even say that the idea of karma is bandied about. With the idea of karma, there is a tendency to throw your hands up, as if you are helpless in Life. I say No, you're not helpless. You are powerful.




Listen carefully. There is Truth in everything, yet everything is not Truth. What you perceive as Truth in the world may change, has changed, and is ready for more change. Today one thing or another is the most propitious of all, and then tomorrow, there may be something else more propitious. Today somebody, for example, wins the big lottery, and, many more do not.




There are fairy tales about who is the Fairest of All. Superlatives are questionable. Not only that, superlatives fall to dust.


有个童话(译注 : 《白雪公主》)讲的是“谁是世界上最美的女人”。所谓“最好”是靠不住的。不仅如此,最好的也終会化为尘埃。


And Santa gives sweets to the good children, and coal to the naughty ones, so it has been said. All God's Children deserve sweets. Sweets deserve to be shared. Everyone is here on Earth for a purpose. Which child should be denied and for what pompous reason?




Notice once and for all that Life in the world is not about reward and punishment. It is not a secret that Life, as it is observed in the world, is not equal in every way you slice it or in any way you slice it.




Certainly, in the world in your terms it is not always clear what is a good event in the first place and what is not. You may have thought that an occurrence or two would be the epitomes of good fortune and you did not find this to be so.




Better not to have the idea that Life is supposed to be Even Steven. You are not owed a debt. Life is not obligated to serve you as you desire, nor by any stretch of the imagination, do I say that you don't deserve goodness. You deserve all goodness.




Ultimately, of course, all wind up with Me in Heaven, even as some of My Children don't see that being in Heaven with Me is what they really want. How many would really like to play harp music all day?




It's wise to let go of the idea that Life owes you. It's wise to give and accept freedom from obligation. It's not so great to feel owed nor is it so great to owe. Neither is much fun. It isn't a breeze for you to forgive your debtors any more than it's a breeze for your debtors to forgive you.




You do acknowledge that you would do many things differently now rather than the way you once did. Well, here's what to do:


现在你认识到很多事要用不同的方式处理,而不是以曾经的方式。那就照以下去做吧 :


When you acknowledge regret, let go of it. Let go of the past, the long past, and the short. Do it now.




Life is not all about getting things straight. Guilt, revenge, pay-back etc. are all attempts to right wrongs, and, of course, thankfully, you also sometimes desire to do good in the world.




Beloveds, your Life is about to change before your very eyes. Throw your arms up in the air, and get on with Life. Let go of hurt, resentment, or any sense of injustice.




When you presently look at Life from the idea of unfairness, when will you get off such a view and onto another view? Try looking at Life from the vantage of advantage. At some point in Life, shrug your shoulders, turn in another direction, and keep walking. It is not recommended that you keep casting your heart on the old. Walk anew now. That is, unless you want everything to be as it seemingly has been.




Let past steps go. Most certainly, let go of missteps. There is something to be said about, not only letting grievances go, but also of not holding any grievance to you in the first place. Acknowledge the fallacy of how you have thought in the past and let the fallacy go. Once and for all, let go.


远离过去,更要放下以往的过失。人们都说 : 对于悲伤,不仅要放下,而是在最初就要避免身陷其中。要认识到自己过去想法的荒谬,并放下它。彻底的放下!



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