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扬升大师Hilarion 5月更新 心灵感应







I come on the wings of love! The already intense cosmic energies haverecently turned up a notch. This is creating a further heart opening effect.within people and facilitating the process of healing at an even deeper level.You who are feeling this intensity are the brave ones, the ones who have beenable to jump off the edge of a cliff into a totally unknown reality. It is hereyou abide as you acclimate your physical body and senses to this unfamiliarterritory.




It is in this new reality where you are discovering long lost skills –one of which is transmitting and receiving telepathic communications from otherincarnates upon the planet. This is proving to be a long process as most ofhumanity does not even know that it is a possibility and therefore, when one ofyou pioneers in the Lightworker community is the recipient of a telepathiccommunication, you tend to doubt the validity of the experience, even thoughyou respond in kind in answer to the transmission you receive! This will changeas the subject matter being discussed proves itself to be a valid experience.




Many of you are experiencing theneed of an extended withdrawal from the outside world in your sphere ofinfluence while you integrate this new development and come to terms with it.This is perfectly acceptable and can be viewed as a normal response to the newskills and aspects of self that are coming online, so to speak. It is a methodand way to tune into and integrate the new reality you have recently entered.Remember that you are one of at least two individuals on the planet who ismatched in frequency levels so that this skill can come to the fore.




You are in effect, practicing with the other individual to open a newpathway or channel to this form of communication between humans. Trust in thisprocess as it unfolds – as with any new skill, practice makes perfect. Consideryourself at the forefront of a new way of living. Telepathic communication is away of the future for those on planet Earth. When it is happening for you, tryto tune into the energy level of the one who is transmitting to you, this willhelp you both to gain clarity on both ends of the communication.




This is truly a wondrous time tobe in the physical body here on Earth! There is much that is occurring at thehigher levels that filters down to Earth real time reality. Eventually, thiswill become an almost instantaneous process of manifestation of whatever onedesires. This will result in a more illumined and enlightened way of living forall of humanity.




Until next month…




I AM Hilarion




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