原创 2017-01-19 荷光* 新纪元扬升之光


Sananda via James McConnell, January 15th





 This is “Sananda”. Wonderful to be with you again, as always.



As these energies arecontinuing to rise many of you are feeling the now. Many of you areexperiencing all those things which have been spoken of previously. Theseenergies continue to rise and you continue to rise with them.





That is what this allabout. It is all about energy. It is all about the vibrations and they continueto increase across the entire planet. Yes, they are increasing for you, theLightworkers. They are increasing for everyone. Everyone is going to experiencethese waves of energy that are going to come exactly where they are at thatparticular moment. Wherever they are at that particular moment that is how theyare going to experience it. Just as you are experiencing these energies in adifferent way than others might.





You, who have beenacclimating to these energies, we have been working with you diligently.Personally with those in this particular group, with those associated with thisgroup. Not only for those who attend this group in person, or over the phone.Also those who experience this group by listening to or reading these words,resonating with these words after, also benefit from this.





There is a DNA dischargethat occurs after this. A DNA reconnection that is occurring as we speak thesewords to you. You may not be aware of this but it is happening. The energiesincrease. Your DNA changes. Your Pineal Gland is opening wide. Many things aregoing on behind the scenes within you now. We are speaking of what is happeningin each of you.





The changes are tumultuouswithin you now. You may be feeling the sensations of stomach issues. This isnormal. You have heard of this as Ascension symptoms. This is all a part ofwhat needs to occur here. As you feel these symptoms, sit back and relax, letit be and know this is what is happening. Many of you are going to experiencethis more and more but others are going to rise in the vibrations so much thatthese will not affect you anymore, whatsoever. You will not feel the aches andpains anymore. This is what you are experiencing as a result of these energiescoming through.





Yes, a great deal of energycame through yesterday, your January 14th. You would have experienced much.Many of you felt this and many more did not feel this. You were wondering isthis another promise that that has been made and not kept? I can assure you, as“Sananda”, as all the Company of Heaven and all the Galactics and Agarthans whoare working with you, all the things that have been spoken of are occurringnow.





You are in the process ofyour own Ascension, your own individual Ascension. The entire planet has eitherAscended or is in the continuing process of Ascension. There is what Gaia hasspoken of previously as holding a place for you, the Lightworkers. You as theones moving up in vibration, you as the ones who are moving up in your Ascension.Holding a place for you in the higher vibrations. To move into those highervibrations. Even now you still feel you are in the 3D illusion and sometimesyou are but many times you are not. Many times you are raised up in vibrationand you can see the energies, you can feel the energies.





Many of you are seeingthings you did not see before. You are peering through the veil because theveil is dropping; the veil is disintegrating as we speak. You will experiencemany things you did not think possible before. You spoke earlier of rainbowsand other signs in the skies. But I tell you now that this is nothing comparedto what you are going to experience.





When you look up in the skyand see clouds parted and you see the energy comes through. You will see theseenergies come through in many different colors, rainbows and many differenttypes of experiences. Beyond your imaginations. As you look at these signs youwill know that this is the moment of your shift. This is the moment of yourtransition.






Lady Nada” has said, “Itis not far off”. All have been saying it is not far off. That you are in themoment now. In this moment now you are going to experience changes that areeven beyond your wildest imaginations at this point. All of us can share withyou, we can tell you and we can prepare you. But none of us can prepare you forwhat is ahead.





Yes, there will be somerocky times for some people. Some will have experiences and wonder if this isthe end of the world. Possibly for them it is. Many will experience changes andwonder what is going on? There in, they will turn to you. You, the ones whohave been acclimating to these energies. You who can explain and help themunderstand what is occurring. And yet there will be those times when they say,“Wow! You were right all along!”





You will turn to them atthat time and not be in an ego state and say, “How can I help you?” or “How canI be of service to you? I am open to whatever you wish to understand now. ”





That will be your missionnow. And your missions are about to begin. Some of you have begun working withthis. Some of you are about to be sharing what is coming from your Higher Self.The various guides and mentors working with you will begin to share this. Youwill receive this in dreams. Your dreams are going to become very important ifthey have not already. They will be very explicit. Very much “feel” to you inthose dreams and you will waken from those dreams and wonder was that real? Oram I now in the real awakened state?





You will wonder about this becausethere will be very little in the dividing line between the two. As the dreambecomes real and real becomes the dream.





I ask you now, as theLightworkers, as those who go out and share the Light, I ask you now tocontinue to work with the Light. Continue to increase the Heart vibration as itcontinues to increase within you. I ask you to understand and know who you are.





There will be many moreannouncements coming. Many more messages that will be given you over the nextseveral weeks as you continue to move ahead with these vibrations. The time isshort now my friends. The time is very short before all the understandings andpromises, all of this becomes real to you. At this point now it is for thosewho have eyes to see and ears to hear. But soon it will be for all to see andhear.




I am “Sananda”. I love youdeeply. All of my peace and love be with you now.










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