Beloved Ones,




I come on the wings of love! The winds of change continue to transform the planet and all of her inhabitants as they move relentlessly forward into a new decade. The new decade beckons a new and higher consciousness and a fresh start in all aspects of one’s life. In order to move into a whole new level of new possibilities, your current biological form and your human existence needs to become different. Your current human operating system must be able to absorb, assimilate and integrate more Light from Source, from the higher aspects of your being. In order to achieve this amazing transformation, each of you individually and collectively, need to release the past – for it is impossible to transform otherwise. You cannot fly with the angels if there is something that is still keeping you to the ground that prevents this movement upward.




It is the perfect time to hone one’s observation skills. Try to look at self with clarity and impartiality and see what the world around you is reflecting back to you. This skill is invaluable in ascertaining where some thought, habit or attitude is impeding your way forward. It is usually quite simple then to focus on acknowledging, clearing and releasing this from one’s consciousness or sub-consciousness. If done from an impartial and neutral space without becoming entangled in it, this particular tendency will not come up again. For some of you, there is energy that comes from outside of self, trying to distract you from moving forward on your path and you have learned to intuitively recognize and stay detached from it, for the most part. If this has been happening for you, know that your Light is formidable and these activities cannot be successful in their attempts. All is well!




This time before year’s end will see some desperate and blatant attempts by those who previously held the reins of power upon this planet. For you, the Lightworkers, it is wise to stay alert so you can hit the ground running if necessary. You have the tools, the knowledge and awareness should there be need to do so. With the increased Light transmitters being emitted into your human operating systems, you are becoming a person who knows the greater picture of any situation that comes before you. It is a new and very welcome skill to those who work with Light. It allows the individual to stay out of entangling situations that would sway them off their spiritual path. You are, quite literally, becoming walking lie detectors!




We ask you to continue to work together when the opportunity presents itself and again, we state that when two or more are gathered together, there the Light is also, magnifying and increasing the highest outcome of the intentions of the focus. This is a task that we perform with joy in our hearts for we know that it has been requested by our aware and awake ground crew as they live their life of human experience. Walk your sacred path in complete confidence no matter what occurs around you. You are a blessed one and it is the Light and love of the Creator Source that enfolds and protects you, but you must also utilize your own innate common sense and practicality as you move about your daily tasks. You are the Master of your life! Your human operating system is becoming synchronized with the energies of the divine feminine and you are becoming a fully aware and integrated divine human. You hold unlimited love, Light and wisdom within it and in your higher mind and consciousness.




One must come into a greater connectiveness and awareness of their own individual body by learning to ask their body and be open to their body wisdom. You can then ask to receive the nutrients that it needs from moment to moment. This is very important as this likely will be changing constantly. The quantity of water that you drink will also be extremely important to you during the transformation. It would be wise during cellular transformation to drink plenty of water, at least a half gallon a day. The additional water allows the Light to move through the body faster. Light is an electrical force in your density and the additional water assists the movement of the Light. It is also important to do more physical exercise such as walking, jogging, running, hiking, or swimming which will be extremely supportive during the changes taking place. You can do this!




I AM Lady Portia




通灵:Marlene Swetlishoff

翻译:Nick Chan





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