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What am I doing here? What should I be doing? Would it surprise you to know that these are the most frequently asked questions of us when people consult those whom they hope can help connect them with us? Would it surprise you that these questions are always asked? Now, we have looked at this before, but as usual we have more to say on the subject. That likely does not surprise you either.




The first thing we will do today is just answer the questions straight out and unequivocally. You are here, this time, to finally learn what you can be. What you should be doing, if there is such a thing, is going about the business of learning that. Those are fairly broad statements.




Well, they need to be when one is answering billions of people, yes? So, we will give you a tiny hint or two. What you can be is a co-creator of all that you see. And what you can do is find out all that you are capable of. You can begin by learning that everything that has been taught to you about what you cannot be and do is a lie, wrapped up in a pack of lies, and tied up prettily with a ribbon of lies.




We will give you a few examples. You cant do that. You cant ask that. You cant think that way. You are only one person. You cant make any difference. You must be in fear because God will get you. Lets address this whole issue right now.




There is not one atom in your physical body, nor one tiniest part of your energy, that exists outside of what you refer to as God, or whatever other name you wish to call your Source. That is quite literally an impossibility. By definition, it is an impossibility. So, to shine a bit of light on those lies above, lets restate them.




God cant do that. God cant ask that. God cant think that way. God cant make a difference. God must be in fear because, if not, God will get Him. We know these sound silly. That is the point, really. They are silly. But the reason that they sound silly is that you have been taught for thousands of years that you are quite separate from divinity and you must not think otherwise ever! And when you said something like well, he said that or he did that and God didnt strike him dead, you believed it when you were told that God would get him later and punish him forever. The only punishment that lasts forever is the guilt that you put yourselves through. Well, it seems like forever.




So, okay, I need to learn that. If I were to buy into that, I still dont know what to do.




Do what there is before you to do. Are you saying that you have nothing in your life to do? Of course not. But AH! Are you saying that there is nothing momentous and important, nothing earth-changing, for you to do? There is nothing for you to do that will make any difference? We will let you in on a little secret. If every one of you did what your life has put in front of you each day, to the best of your abilities, your world would change immensely in very short order.




What is in front of you, though you do not understand this, is precisely that which is most needed to help you learn what you must learn. It is, indeed, unique to yourself. Is that surprising? Are you not unique? It is not what you need to do to resolve all of the worlds problems. At least it does not seem so. But it is exactly what you need to lead you to the next step in the puzzle of you.




At some point, there will be an AHA! moment. Perhaps there will be many. And as billions of you have your moments, your world will change. It cannot be otherwise. Why not? Because you, dear hearts, are the creators of that world. Look around you and find something that no one had any part in creating. Dont point at the forest or the river either! It is there because you, in your technological wisdom have continued to allow it to be.




One more thing we will point out. You, individually, did not build this world. You individually, are not to blame for what is. But there is no escaping the truth that mankind did and is. And that took tremendous power. It takes tremendous power to build and maintain a world. And you must wake up and understand who you are and what you are about. Because if you do not do that soon, your world will have to give you somewhat of a smackdown. Your planet will be here, whether you are or not.




What you are not being shown are the great strides toward that wake up that you are making. Do your part. Live your life to its fullest. And enjoy yourself.





通灵:Ron Head

翻译:Nick Chan


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