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Divine Mother God through Dancing Dolphin




Prelude from Dancing Dolphin:

Dancing Dolphin的序:


I’ve been feeling very “down” today, almost brokenhearted for somereason. Can’t seem to shake it. I really needed to feel andhear a message of comfort and hope today!! So, after I got home from work I satdown and asked Mother God to please speak to me. ‘What’s going on? Why am I sosad today?’ Just connecting with her energy helped me release my tears and letit all out . I hope that you all get something special out of her message also.Namaste.

* * *



Hello,dear heart, this is indeed your Divine Mother answering your call. I feel yourdowntrodden heart, dear One. Allow these feelings to flow through you. You aresensing the old passing by…your old life ending, to be more accurate. Thingswill change very quickly and this is your personal process taking place.Endings and new beginnings are difficult as you know. For things do need to endbefore the new can take place. This ending includes people as well as “things”such as your jobs, homes, etc. Some people will leave your lives, dear hearts.Try your best to let them go with ease and grace. Everyone has their own path.This may happen by way of an illness, an accident, a death, or them just movingaway in various forms.



Thank themfor their contribution to your life and letthem go. Change is indeed inevitable. Sometimes you love how things are andwant everything to stay the same; however, it cannot. Everything is in flux andmovement; constant movement. You know all this in your minds, but your heartshave a difficult time in letting go. I understand, dear hearts. Please remembertoo that Love is forever! Love ties will stay together forever.



So, thisis a gentle reminder to you, dear heart and to all my Lightworker Children. Youare facing a great change in your lives and loss is part of this change.However, you will gain much more than you have lost! Please remember this. Letpeople and objects go with your blessing. Let go. Flow with my love. I willwrap you up safe and sound in my pink fuzzy blanket with slippers and anightcap to keep your head warm and loved.



Ease yourinstinct to attempt to control a situation that you are not happy about. Letgo! I will watch over your loved ones too. That is a lifelong guarantee, myChildren! You have no-thing to worry about—ever! Listen to your Mother, yourDivine Mother for I know best. (smiles). I am pleased to speak with you todayand ask that you continue to call on me when you need guidance, love, supportand a gentle but firm “talking to” that only a Mother can provide. I love withyou all my heart. I AM your Mother God and wish you all a relaxing eveningfilled with my love.




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