Detach from the Drama




During times of great shifts and energy fluctuations it can be difficult to keep your focus and loose sight of what it is you are working towards.Don"t put off working at your life's purpose or your personal and spiritual growth by getting caught up in the drama of otherswhat is happening around you and in your world.It only distracts you from the tasks at hand and getting on with your own life.If you find yourself being drawn into the world of the human egosclear yourself completely with an energy bath and transform it back into pure energy with no attachments and return it to the earth or the energy grid to be utilized by all who know of its usage and power.Send those around you love and let it go.




If you need a good dose of getting lost in a story and pulled into the various plot twists and turnsfind yourself a good book to read or a movie that you enjoy.It can be like a mini vacation without the costs or time of leaving home.When you are done you can just close it up and put it away or pass it on to someone else.If you find yourself pulled into the drama of someone else's storyview it like you are reading that book again and imagine it has a happy ending for allpull yourself out of it and release it back to the Universe.




Affirmation: "I focus my attention on what is most important for memy purpose and my life.Wherever my focus goesthat grows and I can consciously choose what thoughts I hold."




And so it is




You are dearly loved and supportedalwaysthe angels and guides




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