During times of accelerated energiesit can be confusing as to why some people seem to thriveand others seem to struggle.Shouldn"t the energies be having the same effect on everyone? How can people have such different experiences in the same energy? If you understand that all movement is forward movementit will begin to make perfect sense to you.



The people who are thriving in fast moving energiesare those who are non-resistant to their healing journey.They have likely already gone through their own dark night of the soulwhich has facilitated their growthexpansionand desire to step onto their own enlightenment path.The energy serves as an amplification of the energy they are already holdingand supports the unfoldment of what they have been working on consciously creating for themselves.



Those who may be struggling in the energies are also moving rapidly forward on their paths.It may be that they have been stuck in old patterns or habitsor living unconsciously.Rest assuredno matter how painful their experiences may seemthey serve the purpose of racing them headlong to the energetic bottom their soul requires for them to embrace change.When it becomes too painful to stay the samea person will then surrender and their healing journey will begin in earnest.



It is neverever about punishment! Fast energies only serve to magnify the path you have been onand will give you very rapid clarity to continue to choose what you have been doingor to rethink your approach and choose differently.No matter how you look at iteach soul is completely wise and competent in all of its choicesand unconditionally loved and supported through it all.From this perspectiveyou can see how each soulregardless of where they are atis doing a magnificent job of giving themselves exactly what they need.~Archangel Gabriel





翻译:Nick Chan






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