When you mail a letteryou address itput a stamp on itand place it in a mailboxsecure that it will reach its destination.You do not worry about the steps that will make it happen.You do not need to figure out who will take it out of the boxor where all the helpers are to get it where it needs to be.You simply trust the system is in placeand that it will work.



Why not apply that same logic to your manifestations? Many people have things they would love to createbut don't because they can't figure out the different steps needed to bring them to fruition.Dear Onesthat is not your job!



Your job is to create.Your job is to decide what you would liketo set your intentionandjust like dropping your letter offrelease it to the universe to process.You don't need to know all the steps! You simply need to trust that the system is in place to receive your request and deliver it for you.~Archangel Gabriel






翻译:Nick Chan






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