Note from Zane – I originally channeled this message on the 10th of August, but I then forgot about it. It wasn’t until listening to KaRa’s message, through James McConnell, that I remembered I had a very similar message. KaRa even mentions “Operation Disclosure” and many other similarities throughout her message. This goes to prove that our Star Brothers and Sisters are here, and now ready to make their presence known. Exciting times indeed!

来自Zane(管道)的备注---这则信息我是在810日接收的,但我忘记发布了。直到看到卡拉的信息,管道为James McConnell,我想起来我有一则相似的信息。卡拉在她的信息中甚至提及了“揭露行动”以及许多其它的相似之处。这证明了我们的星星兄弟姐妹就在这里,已经准备好揭示他们的存在。确实是激动人心的时刻


If you wish to listen to KaRa’s message, please find Part 1 in this link, the date is 29/09/19



My dear brothers and sisters, it is time. I AM Ashtar and I AM here, in this moment, to announce that from this moment forward, we will be revealing ourselves more and more.



It is that time where we begin to show ourselves, within your skies and within the vicinity of your orbit. This morning, we have been in a stationary state, within the Earth’s orbit, waiting for the green light you might say. So it is that time dear ones, we are now in the phase of Operation Disclosure, it is time for us to disclose our presence to the populace that are willing to see us. It is no longer about your many governments announcing our presence, as you should now know and as you have been told through other sources. It is about us, your Star Brothers and Sisters, who are now here in countless numbers, to bring disclosure to you. And then for you, the observer, to bring disclosure to the world.



We have now moved beyond the timeline, where your many governments announce our presence, due to them not being able to reach an agreement between themselves. And so it is, as We, The Federation of Light and the Galactic Councils, have now agreed and confirmed with Prime Creator, that we are now to step forth into a new phase of disclosure. It is time dear ones, it is time for all of you, to begin to know and understand our presence. We have waited patiently and there is no longer the time to procrastinate. It has now gone past the stages of awaiting your many governments to assist in this, so we, your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, are now ready to commence Operation Disclosure.



We are now in the first stage of this protocol and will be commencing with necessary steps. This will be done in stages, as we will now slowly, but surely, make our presence known. First as a glimmer of light in the distance, then that glimmer will steadily grow into a light of hope, which will then evolve into a beautiful Light Ship full of your fellow Brothers and Sisters, ready to assist and serve in so many ways.



Worry not dear hearts, for it is that time, it is time to reveal ourselves for all to see, and I do mean all, we are now shifting beyond only those who are aware and awake, to those who are unaware of our presence. No longer will we be in the shadows, and it is to the light, we all now move dear ones.



Get ready for fireworks, for we shall be these fireworks, these lights and sparkles of such colour, beauty and love. Be ready now dear ones. I am. Ashtar and we are all her now, ready to commence new beginnings.





翻译:Nick Chan




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