We understand many of you are afraid to sit with your emotions. You feel like it will be overwhelming or more than you can handle. If you have been avoiding emotions for a long time, you might be scared that too much will come spilling out.



Dear Ones, you can start to explore your feelings a bit at a time. You can start by sticking your big toe into the waters of your emotions. You might be surprised that once you don’t resist them, they aren’t that scary after all!



Your emotions are one of your greatest gifts and strengths. They show you how much you have cared, how beautiful and tender your soul is. They are your beautiful human responses. You can honour them for all the feedback they give you, for the insight they provide. And you can look underneath them to lovingly gather up any parts of you that feel abandoned, misunderstood, afraid, or simply need love and inclusion.



This is another instance where the fear of doing something is far worse than the actual doing of it. You can start small and grow this skill like any other. It is the ultimate act of self love, self guidance, and self acceptance, for once you realize you can stop denying yourself, inner peace and comfort can prevail. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young





翻译:Nick Chan




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