Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you cannot fail to recognise that the human race is going through some sort of transformation. There are many theories as to why this is occurring , we seem to be living in a time of enlightenment , a time of radical collective change within the consciousness of humanity. A shift in consciousness has been activated , this activation was encoded within our dna from the beginnings of our creation. The initial stage of this process is to WAKE UP !


除非你过去几年一直生活在岩石下,否则你不能不认识到人类正在经历某种转变。关于为什么会发生这种情况有很多理论,我们似乎生活在一个启蒙的时代,一个人类意识中的激进集体变革的时代。意识的转变已经被激活,这种激活从我们被创造的开始就被编码在我们的 DNA 中。这个过程的初始阶段是唤醒!


What does this mean?




This idea to wake up is the new in word going around the internet, it is being used by many to describe what exactly ?




To be awake means different things to different people and has many layers. To awaken spiritually is a very important part of this transformation process we are currently in . We are divine , creator Gods/Goddesses in our own right , we are a multidimensional consciousness choosing to express itself in many different forms residing in many different dimensions. We are not only human beings living one life locked in third dimensional time, here on the earth, we are also living lives in our past and our futures, as they reside in parallel realities.


对不同的人来说,保持清醒意味着不同的事情,而且有很多层面。灵性觉醒是我们当前转化过程中非常重要的一部分。我们是神圣的,创造者神 / 女神在我们自己的权利,我们是一个多维度的意识选择表达自己在许多不同的形式居住在许多不同的维度。我们不仅仅是生活在第三维度时间中的人类,在地球上,我们也生活在我们的过去和未来中,因为他们居住在平行的现实中。


A spiritual awakening is to come to the realisation that you are so much more than you current limited human perspective. This awakening is not something that can come only through the mind, it does not matter how many cool books you read, or enlightening seminars you attend , this is not something that can come only through the mind but has to activate the quickening in the cells of your physical body. It is not enough to simply know in theories and follow other people's teachings , a true awakening is something that rings through the cells.




Is this the only awakening that is needed to shift the consciousness of humanity, is it the only way we are to wake up?


这是转变人类意识所需要的唯一觉醒吗 ? 这是我们觉醒的唯一方式吗?


Within the New age circles awakening is a word to describe the realisation that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and are part of the creative force of the Universe. The idea to become awake is also being used in Truth Movement.




Are you are Truther ? This is often asked what does this mean?




Here on the earth we have been living under an electromagnetic grid or matrix which is being controlled on all levels by a negative orientated energy manifesting in various forms both inside and outside our current collective consciousness. One of the forms this energy takes is within what are thought of as shadow governments, secret societies , and political agendas. All over the planet people are waking up to the realisation that we have been lied to and the world is not the place the media ( the tool of these shadow groups ) would like us to think it is . Through the media, education, and belief systems we are indoctrinated and easy herded and controlled by this artificial matrix. The rabbit hole is deep and seems to go on forever, everyday we are reading about yet more and more conspiracies which are not the brain child of some paranoid nutter but are actually factual and damning to many of the authorities we have been hoodwinked into giving our power away to .


在地球上,我们一直生活在一个电磁网格或矩阵之下,这个网格或矩阵在所有层面上都被一种负面的能量所控制,这种能量在我们当前的集体意识内外以各种形式表现出来。这种能量所采取的形式之一就是被认为是影子政府、秘密社团和政治议程。全世界的人们都意识到我们被欺骗了,这个世界并不是媒体 ( 这些影子集团的工具 ) 希望我们认为的那样。通过媒体、教育和信仰系统,我们被这个人造矩阵灌输、容易聚集和控制。这个兔子洞很深,而且似乎永远不会消失,每天我们都在阅读越来越多的阴谋论,这些阴谋论并不是某个偏执狂的大脑产物,而是对许多当局的事实和谴责,这些当局欺骗我们把我们的权力交给他们。


So the awakening seems to be two fold , one is to spiritually wake up , the other is to wake up to the control grid and its masters manipulation of our human consciousness.




There are many Truthers all over the planet researching , sharing information and ideas , uncovering the many layers of the manipulation which has been going on , on this planet for what could be hundreds of years. There are many new age spiritual types who are waking up to the idea they are so much more than their current limited perspective , yet I see a divide between the two.




The spiritual types do not to wake up to what is going on , on the planet , they would prefer to focus solely on the light and the positive and ignore or even turn their backs on the atrocities which are occurring everyday in our world ,often at the hands of a human being. No amount of chanting , praying and positive affirmations will provide enough of barrier between their reality and the consensus of the collective , sooner or later they have to face the shadow and look at the darkness and the sickness which pervades humanity. By choosing to ignore the darkness are they making it bigger? The shadow groups rely on secrecy and manipulation , they work in the dark, they have relied on people not looking down the rabbit hole to enable them to get away with controlling humanity for their own ends.




The Truthers on the other hand are often very knowledgeable about the latest conspiracy but have little recognition that they are part of a collective which is creating its own reality , there is a purpose to all of this which goes beyond the limitation of the rational mind. They look deep into the rabbit hole and look at the shadow square on but cannot see their part in its creation.


另一方面,真相者通常对最新的阴谋非常了解,但却很少认识到他们是一个正在创造自己现实的集体的一部分 ---- 所有这一切都有一个超越理性思维局限的目的。他们向兔子洞的深处看去,看着上面的阴影,却看不到他们在这个阴影中所扮演的角色。


A spiritual awakening is important because we can come to realise that we are creating this reality and we are gods in our own right manifesting a world in which to express consciousness. We need a spiritual awakening to realise that all is really well in the world and the creator has a plan even if we are not privy to it . However to hide behind new age belief systems which are only really designed for lazy souls and pronounce that you do not need to look down the rabbit hole and face the darkness because it is not something you choose in your reality and therefore it has no consequence to you, is foolish indeed. It is in your reality if you are living upon this planet and are a member of the human race, then this shadow is in your reality you are simply choosing to look the other way. I know all the theories , what you give your attention to you increase , positive thoughts cause positive realities , only think of the light , ignore the dark, it is an illusion, all these theories are being used by the Love and Lighters to hide behind. I often meet people especially in my line of work who are professed to be Light Workers, they only look at the light , the positive and ignore the shadow . However they are not enlightened beings who are above polarity as first thought , they are still embedded deep inside the matrix because when the shadow does make an appearance in their lives , it is met with fear.




We think we create our reality from our conscious mind , this is incorrect , we are creating this reality from our subconscious mind which is collectively connected to all other humans on the planet. No matter what new age thought processes of positivity you engage in with your conscious mind, it will not change anything in your outside world as you are creating your reality from the belief constructs in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is programmed with many programs which are not even recognised to be running , many of these programs are programs of fear , the tool of the mind controllers. Those Light Workers who refuse to look at the shadow really because of fear are playing into the mind controllers game and staying asleep! It is time the Light Workers took a deep breathe and looked at the shadow , processed out the fear in their subconscious mind and began to create a new and positive reality for us all to live in , only an awakening in a Truther sense can achieve this.


我们认为我们创造了我们的现实从我们的意识心理,这是不正确的,我们正在创造这个现实从我们的潜意识是集体连接到所有其他人类在这个星球上。无论你用你的意识思维进行什么新时代的积极思维过程,它都不会改变你外部世界的任何东西,因为你正在通过潜意识中的信念构建来创造你的现实。潜意识被编程了许多程序,这些程序甚至不被认为正在运行 ---- 其中许多程序是恐惧程序,是意识控制器的工具。

那些因为恐惧而拒绝看见阴影的光之工作者们正在玩心灵控制游戏并保持睡眠状态!是时候了,光工作者们深呼吸,看着阴影,处理掉他们潜意识中的恐惧,开始为我们所有人创造一个新的积极的现实生活 ---- 只有真实意义上的觉醒才能做到这一点。


Then there are the awakened Truthers who know all about 9.11 being an inside job, and how fluoride rots your brain ( literally) , but are closed minded to the idea they are in anyway responsible for their world. They would prefer to think of the enemy coming from outside their consciousness and that they have no part in its creation. They do not like the lofty ideals of the new age movement , that we all create our own reality because then they would have to also look at the shadow and recognise themselves .


还有一些觉醒的真相者,他们知道所有关于 9.11 的内部工作,以及氟化物如何腐蚀你的大脑 ( 字面意思 ) ,但是对他们所处的思想保持着封闭的头脑,无论如何,他们对自己的世界负有责任。他们宁愿认为敌人来自他们的意识之外,他们没有参与其创造。他们不喜欢新时代运动的崇高理想,即我们都创造自己的现实,因为那样他们也必须看到阴影并认识到自己。


We need to wake up in a spiritual sense but also become a Truther too, and awaken to the conspiracies going on within the matrix. We need to know that we are indeed the creators of this reality , and we are all responsible for the shadow which has only arisen due to our ignorance , our sleepiness. It is time to wake up , rub the sleep from our eyes, take a deep breathe and look directly at the shadow , own it , recognise our part in its creation , take responsibility for the world we are all living in. It does not matter if in your life you are fortunate enough to have created a wonderful life for yourself , well done you, no it is not enough, it is time we looked around and saw ourselves in the pain in other peoples eyes in all the dark places upon this earth and recognise our collective awakening. Only through this dual awakening will we be truly AWAKE!




love alloya





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