medical team, says: It’s growing but sometimes I have doubt in my ability.]






No, no, there is nothing to be worried about. People always continue to have doubts. They go only by and by; the more you practice a certain thing, the more confident you become. But nobody ever becomes absolutely confident because life is such a mystery, one can always err.




So one can never become absolutely confident unless one does not bother about anything – like me. Then you can become absolutely confident because then there is no problem.




If you are not trying to prove anything you can be absolutely confident. Then if something goes wrong, something goes wrong, one iS not repentant for it; that’s what was going to happen.




But if you are thinking that nothing should go wrong, then the doubt, because something can always go wrong. Man’s capacities are limited and life is unlimited, so that fear always remains.




But the more you practice a certain thing, whatsoever it is – music, medicine, magic, whatsoever it is – the more you practice, the more confident you become, because the more you see that no, things don’t go wrong so easily!




It is just like learning to drive: first one is very unconfident and very doubtful and it seems almost impossible to imagine how people drive. It is so difficult to do, there are so many things one has to do, to think of: the accelerator, the brake, the clutch, the wheel, the road and then one’s wife who is guiding from the back! (laughter)




So many people and it is such a crazy world, and it just doesn’t look possible. But by and by driving becomes just automatic. You can sing a song or listen to the radio or talk to a friend, and everything goes right. Not that you manage: you have become skilful; skill comes through practice.




So there is no need to be worried about it; practise, help people and it is going to come. Good.




译自:OSHO Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast



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