Are you ready? There is yet another huge step coming in the ongoing shift that may turn your world upside down. This is not something to be afraid of…it is, in fact, something your soul has been preparing and waiting for! As you move closer to the end of your year, the influx of energy and changes will become more frequent and, yes, more intense. I can hear some of you saying, “But, I just can’t take anymore! I’m so over this!”   The Universe wants you to know that this particular feeling is internal. Before you arrived, you were well-versed in what needed to be done while you are on your Earth-plane. Your conscious mind is telling you that you are unprepared. Your soul, on the other hand, is saying, “Bring it on!” The skills you have accumulated so far will be of great assistance to you now. Ask The Universe to remind you about them, to help you use them to grow in a positive direction. This is your time to shine and you can do it! ~ Creator


你准备好了吗?在不间断的转变之中就要到来另一个巨大的转折,可能会让你们的世界上下颠倒。这不是应该害怕的东西 ... 它,事实上,是你灵魂一直在准备和等待的!随着你接近年尾,能量的流入和改变会变得更频繁,是的,更强烈。我可以听到你们一些人说,“但是,我已经受不了了!我已经无法忍受了!”宇宙想要你知道这样的感受是内在的。在你到达前,你会在地球平面上精通需要被完成的东西。你的显意识头脑在告诉你你会措手不及。另一方面,你的灵魂,在说,“放马过来吧!”到目前为止你所积累的能力会极大地协助你。请求宇宙提醒你它们都是什么,帮助你使用它们往积极的方向发展。这是你闪耀的时刻,你可以做到! ~ 造物主


翻译:Nick Chan




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