原创 2017-10-17 麦达昶 新纪元扬升之光

Archangel Metatron via James McConnell,October 8th, 2017




Greetings!This is Archangel Metatron.



And in my realm, which is the realm of Sacred Geometry, which isthe realm of the infrastructure of this universe which is what I mostly dealwith as far as the structure and how this universe operates from anenergetic level, I’m here to say that there is much celebration today!




There hasbeen a fundamental change in your local universe which has allowed us toinstall the first level of this energetic change that is now permanent and whatis now happening on this planet and you have no doubt been feeling a certaindifference in energy that you’re feeling. It can come across as more bliss butit can also come across as a certain emptiness. And what is now changed is thatthe ability for one to gain energy from controlling others or gaining energyfrom having this sense of self-righteousness through judgment is now missing.



So thereare still people who out of habit will try to control. There are still peopleout of the habit will try to judge. But they’re not going to feel that energythat charge of emotion, that satisfaction that comes from this. It will feellike an empty gesture because there is no energy available anymore for thistype of activity. And this is cause for great celebration in the Heavenlyrealms. We have been waiting for quite some time to start this first layer ofchange.



So whatdoes that mean for you? Well you’ll feel this within you. If you have fear orif you have bouts of judgment or if you have bouts of wanting to control youwill start feeling somewhat of an emptiness when it comes to this activities.So the challenge here today is to think of the habits that you have which onlyyou can change. We can change the energetics underneath this but it is stillyour free will to choose to do these things or not to do these things. So asyou go about your daily life and you find yourself in a place of just out ofhabit wanting to judge, think about what you’re doing. Do you want to continuethis because it’s really not benefiting you or anyone else in this universe forthat matter.



So thinkabout what you do throughout the day. And I tell you that the benefits ofdropping these particular behaviors and patterns is a new sense of love, and anew sense of oneness, and a new sense of joy will start to overcome you andcome into your life in those areas that you are now vacating these habits. Soit is very similar to cleaning out your house. If you have a house that is fullof old stuff if you have a house that is full of old habits now is the time toclean it out. Clean it out to allow this new energy to come in. And what isthis new energy? This is an energy of letting others be. This is the energy ofhonoring their free will. This is an energy of letting them experience theirpath. This is the energy of honoring yourself and honoring your path. This isthe energy of forgiveness.



This isnow what is been put into play. This is the first level of scaffolding of thenew Golden Age. So take advantage of this; enjoy it. But first clean out yourhouse so that you have room to bring this energy in..



I AMArchangel Metatron and I am so very delighted to give you this good news. Thankyou.








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