Dear Ones,




We are smiling with love as we observe you and others claim yourselves in ways not imagined before this final starburst of love.




Even though you have experienced many energy bursts throughout this transition, you have never before been directed to self-love to the extent of the past few weeks. So it is you are moving and acting differently – claiming your totality and shining your beacon.


即使你在这个转变中已经体验过许多的能量爆发,你从未被指引到自爱到达过去几周的程度。所以你在不一样地移动和行为 --- 宣称着你的完整,闪耀着你的灯塔


You probably cannot feel the difference even though you are in a different place emotionally and physically. That shift, that change is the beginning of your heaven on earth.




Perhaps you are sitting in a different chair at work or doing something you find peaceful. Your shift does not have to be large for it is both internal and external.




In 3D, you needed to be reminded of the importance of shifts such as a new job title, a wedding, or graduation. Now that you are shifting more rapidly internally than externally, you do not have any or many outward expressions of that shift. So it is you feel as if not much has changed in your life.


3d 中,你需要被提醒转变的重要性,比如新的职称、婚礼或毕业。现在你在更加快速地转变,内在比外在要快,你没有许多或任何那个转变的外在表达。所以你感到你的生活并有发生很大的改变


But then, if you remember back to the day of your graduation, marriage proposal, knowledge of a pregnancy, or job promotion, your life did not change immediately either. Even though you knew your life probably would change, that shift was not yet apparent. For before you noted much difference in your life, you needed to enmesh yourself in the change.




So it is now. You have graduated from this self-love transition phase, but you do not yet know how that graduation/completion is affecting you. For just as was true with your high school graduation, there are many available paths.


现在就是这样。你已从这个自爱的转变阶段毕业,但你还不知道那个毕业 / 完结会如何影响你。因为就像你高中毕业,有着许多可用的道路


Prior to this self-love phase, you en masse were on the same path with some deviations here and there. You are now finding your unique path as you release the need to be like others.




For even though you perhaps choose a different path than a friend following your 3D high school graduation, you both expected to find your way in life to the extent that you could care for yourself or find a mate and procreate only to have future generations continue the same path. There were deviations here and there, but on the whole, everyone had the same theme running through their actions and beliefs.


因为即使在 3D 的高中毕业后你选择了一条与你的朋友不一样的道路,你们都被期望去找到自己的方式来照顾好自己或找到一个伴侣并生育,只为了让后代继续相同的道路。会有一些差异,但总的来说,每个人在他们的行为和信念中有着相同的主题


Such is no longer true. Each of you is beginning to formulate a unique path that perhaps seems unlikely or unlike you. Such is what you have been dreaming of for eons. Not to fit in, but to create anew.




So it is you are beginning to feel the stirrings of malcontent with what was or is within your life. You are taking those feelings to levels you did not allow in 3D. For throughout your 3D lives, you punched down feelings or beliefs that deviated from the accepted norms.


所以你在开始感到对生活中所是或曾经所是不满的渐起。你在 3D 并不允许的程度拾起那些感受。因为贯穿你的 3D 生活,你镇压偏离公认常态的感受或信念


Such is so no longer true for you. But the emotional shift required to think and act in unique ways is exhausting. So you are likely tired, confused, or somewhat frightened. Not because you have different feeling or actions, but because you do not necessarily understand the urges that take you outside your expected comfort zones.




Surely, this cannot be my heaven on earth,” you proclaim to yourself as you take one unusual, unexpected path after another. “I’m like this, not that” you believe until you are. That which does not seem right somehow is exactly where you need to be. Not to perfect your 3D life, but instead to use as a new you launching pad.


“当然,这不能是我的人间天堂”,你对自己宣告,随着你一个接一个地拾起不寻常、意想不到的道路。“我像这个,不是那个”你相信直到你是。看起来并不恰当的恰好是你需要去处于的地方。不是为了完美你 3D 的生活,而是作为新的你的发射台


Perhaps your launching pad is your backyard hammock, a new job, reaffirming your relationships, composing music, or sketching a new creation. Allow yourself to unfold as you decided within your dream state. For as is true of spring flowers, you are popping out of your soil showing your fresh, green color with little indication of what your flower will look like in full bloom.




You likely wish to push yourself to a rapid conclusion of sorts, just as you watch daily with anticipation to determine if your garden plants have bloomed. Allow yourself the freedom to grow as you wish to produce your flower. For you have accepted the energies that are the equivalent of the right soil, moisture content, and sunshine. There is no more needed to encourage your being plant. It will bloom when it is ready.




Know that you are exactly at the right place whether that be resting in a hammock or a whirling dervish of activity.




You have prepared your soil and now you need to rest your fears for all is wonderfully well with you and all forerunners. So be it. Amen.




翻译:Nick Chan





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