Greetings Lightholders! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I AM KejRaj(KayRy).


问候,光之保持者!衷心地,我是 KejRaj(KayRy)


The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. We hope you FEEL our LIGHT and LOVE in this message.




Infinite Expressions




Within YOU there is a spark of Source that is eternally unique. A tone that cannot be made by another instrument, except it makes uplifting music when in synchronicity with the orchestra or the collective. So here I am, to once again share the uniqueness.




I have written messages in the past, but it has been more than a few months now since I have shared an update from myself. The time has come for me to resume this activity. Hopefully it is not rushed.




There is no judgement, there is no punishment, there are no rewards. There is only that which YOU have created. And that which you have created you MUST experience for yourself, this is a Universal law.




There are no rights, no wrongs, no good deeds, no sins. What is there, are simply infinite expressions of Creation, always in motion. Each one of these expressions is just as worthy as the other, each one blossoming in their own divine timing.




Now, now is YOUR divine timing to bloom. To merge with the true higher expression of the divine YOU.




There is destiny, but there is also freewill. In this process of great change, in our world now is presented not just any but THE opportunity for each and every soul to move forward not one but ten steps ahead in their spiritual evolution.




Regardless of your contracts, of your past or even your future predeterminations, THIS lifetime, this chance, is yours for the taking.




The best part is none of this requires you to do anything, you do not have to change a thing about YOU. JUST BE YOUR TRUE DIVINE SELF.


最棒的部分就是你不需要做任何事情,你( YOU )不需要改变一丝。只需成为你真正的神圣自我


The self that is grateful when the opportunity to serve presents itself. The self that respects all life. The self that is conscious, aware, that breathes in light and breathes out love.




You are an eternal expression of Creation. Imagine right now that you are the CENTER of the Universe and it is all up to you. What will you choose now? I say choose for the time has arrived.




The Event




As we continue to move forward in the coming weeks we shall see much more unfold relating to this entire process. In particular the Mass Arrests, the Global Currency Reset, Advanced Technology and more, all of this leading to The Event.


随着我们继续在未来的几周前进,我们会看到更多关于这个进程的东西展开。尤其是大规模逮捕、全球货币重置、先进的技术 / 科技等等,这一切都会导向事件


There are certain energies, very powerful coming in right now that will only continue to increase all the way to the 10/10/10 portal. Between now and then, expect to see much unfold in all corners of the world, in all areas, especially government and in the economy field.


有着特定的能量,非常强大,正在此刻到来,只会不断地增加,直到 10-10-10 门户。在此期间,期待在世界各地看到大量的展开,在所有领域中,尤其是政府以及经济


This may seem somewhat hypocritical of me but all this mentioned above, such as the arrests is a bit irrelevant from my point of view. Why do I say this? I say this because REAL change, noticeable world wide will begin AT THE MOMENT OF THE EVENT and no sooner.




The Event will be a rude awakening for humanity, even those that think they know what is going on once it does happen.




Only days after the Event our Galactic friends will begin to land. What does this mean?




The technology they have and will provide us with will sustain the world. We won’t need most of the things we have now. One of those things being money. Everyone will have food and shelter. So much for the Reset? Or perhaps it’ll work differently.




If we forcibly try to keep money in our reality after the Event, we would only be holding our world behind. However this will not happen. The whole idea of money, service to self mentality, and other 3D programs will dissolve rapidly once the Event occurs.


如果我们强行在事件后保留金钱,我们只会拖累我们的世界。不管怎样,这是不会发生的。金钱的概念,服务自我的心态,以及其他 3D 的范式会快速溶解,一旦事件发生


This event will be a shock to all, yet some will be gently touched, while others will be zapped, in a good way




This wave of light from Source will follow you, you will FEEL it, no harm will be done. You will only receive a huge download of light into your beingness which will stir forward your expansion over a hundred years in the blink of an eye.








Do you consider yourself this? A lightworker? What is your definition, what comes to mind when you hear this term?




Personally, when I hear the term lightworker the first thing that pops up is meditation. Which I have not been ‘doing’ much of lately. Are you in this position? Be honest now.




I honestly don’t have an excuse, I just simply do not feel like meditating.




As powerful as it is, as powerful as I am, my thoughts changing my reality and the world, or should I say the moments in stillness changing this reality, I’ve been finding it difficult to spend time in stillness.




I’m doing well. I’m filled with joy and laughter everyday, moving back and forth, and so on. Yet I know I need those moments of quiet and stillness to allow my soul to shine through and tell me a few syllables.




Perhaps I am not the only one feeling this way? It isn’t a bad feeling, it’s just that I felt something more when I DID meditate. I guess it is time I start going within once again.




Share your thoughts in the comments section below.




From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!


衷心地,我是 KejRaj!



翻译:Nick Chan





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