Dear Ones,




Perhaps you feel your creative well is dry.




Of course, such is not true for a variety of reasons, most important of which is your need to create anew.




You are not you of yesteryear or even yesterday. So it is you are evolving so rapidly you cannot decide what you need, much less want. Forcing you to ask, Does it matter what I create because Ill change my mind tomorrow? A thought containing more truth than you realize.




Even though some of you have created a sense of stability, that creation is merely your starting point. Perhaps you created a new home or job  the results of which will be far different from what you now realize.


即使你们一些人已经创造了一个稳定感,创造只是你的起始点。也许你创造了一个新家或新的工作 --- 结果会和你现在意识到的很不一样


Such a creation might be a step toward the presidency of that company. A new home might be the beginning of your perfect home and community.




You are just beginning your 5D creation activities. So for most, the first step is to create a semblance of 3D comfort and ease.


你才刚刚开始你 5D 的创造活动。所以对大多数人来说,第一步就是创造一个表面上的 3D 舒适和轻松


We informed you a few days ago that you would create a comfort zone  not because you have to, but because such allows you to reduce fears about your future.  For you are starting your new creation life at the same time you are internalizing the energies that have pushed your personal boundaries for some weeks now.


我们几天前告知了你,你会创造一个舒适地带 --- 不是因为你必须,而是因为这会让你减少对未来的恐惧。因为你在开始新的创造生活,与此同时,你在内化推动你个人的边界些许星期的能量


For some, those energy results are exhaustion or irritability because you do not yet understand when or how those internal changes will end. So it is you have a bit of an edge worrying about your future at the same time you lovingly accept that future.




You do not need to be concerned about your future. But because eons of fear and pain were stuffed deep within you, your go-to mode for any change including one of this size and gravity is fear and angst.




Such is why you created your comfort piece that is the beginning of your creations instead of your end goal as would have been true in 3D.


所以你在创造的一开始创造你的舒适碎片而不是你最终的目标,如在 3D 中的那样


In 3D, you proclaimed your inventiveness with one or maybe two large creations assuming that you had been amply rewarded and that was all there was. That you could not wish for a great deal more and if such happened it was because you were lucky.


3D 中,你宣布你发明了一个或两个较大的创造,假设你被极大地奖赏,这就是一切。你无法期望更多,如果这发生了,那是因为你很幸运


What is happening now is that your initial comfort creation is merely an ability test run. It is not an ending nor something you need to marvel at. But instead, a knowing that your creative skills are alive and well and that this is the beginning of something greater than you can now imagine.




For even though your recent or soon-to-be creations are perhaps wondrous, they are merely the first building blocks of your heaven on earth.




In 3D, you accepted what was allowed within your self-made parameters of fitting in and being a good citizen. Those boundaries no longer exist.


3D 中,你接纳被你自制的(融入以及成为一个好公民)参数允许的东西。那些边界不再存在


Many wonder how valid your creations are given that you are not certain your creations are something you want today for they were yesterdays wants or needs.




Yesterdays creation was merely to test your creation powers in a new world with new segments. This or these creations that will not be your end result, but instead a comfort creation with memories of 3D wishes.


昨天的创造只是在一个新的世界中伴随着新的碎片测试你的创造力量。这个或这些创造不会是你最终的结果,而是一个有着 3D 愿望记忆的舒适创造


Many of you pined for a certain lifestyle while of 3D earth that was never completely formulated for you were more concerned with what fears would likely overtake you than you were with the creation. In truth, at least two-thirds of your creation powers were devoted to maintaining a distance between you and potential fearful outcomes.


你们许多人渴望一个特定的生活方式,而在 3D 地球它从未完全按配方制造,因为你更担忧什么样的恐惧会压倒你,比起你的创造。事实上,至少有三分之二的创造力量致力于在你和潜在的可怕结果之间保持一个距离


Now that you are of 5D, those fears are no longer part of your repertoire even though memories of those fears encouraged you to create your most recent comfort zone.


现在你是 5D 的,那些恐惧不再是你节目的一部分,即使那些恐惧的记忆鼓励你去创造你最近的舒适地带


So it is your creation thoughts are something like, If this new me is my reality, I would like a new home, but even if it isnt, I would like a new home that is more comfortable than what I have now. You could replace the word home with financial freedom, work, children, relationships and thousands of other wants that would make you more comfortable whether you were of 3D or 5D.


所以你创造的想法就像,“如果这个新的我是我的现实,我想要一个新家,但即使它不是,我想要一个比现在的家更舒适的新家。”你可以用金融自由、工作、孩子、人际关系以及其他会让你更加舒适的需求替换家这个词,无论你是 3D 的还是 5D


You did so because, as is true of the first explorers, you do yet not fully believe you will find new lands (creations) or be able to return to your home (your 3D comfort zone) until you completed that task.


你这么做是因为,就像第一位探险家,你还未完全相信你会发现新大路(创造)或能够返回你的家( 3D 的舒适地带)直到你完成那项任务


Many of the explorers  as will be true for you  decided they preferred their new discoveries to their past earth lives, but until the new land was discovered all they could envision was their original life.


许多探险家 --- 就像你 --- 决定他们更喜欢他们新的发现,比起过去的地球生活,但直到新的大陆被发现,他们可以想象的只有自己原来的生活


You are discovering new lands and deciding whether you wish to return home or continue with your discoveries.




But then, your 3D home is no longer a soft or available landing. In truth, you are more like humans who cannot return home because their home has been destroyed by fire, bombing, or some other means.


不过,你 3D 的家不再是一个柔软的或可用的土地。事实上,你更像那些无法回家的人,因为他们的家已被大火、轰炸或其他的手段摧毁


Your choice is whether you will accept your new world with open arms or continue to miss an old life that no longer exists. That inner discussion, that angst is what you are processing as you create the piece perfect for 3D you but not YET quite right for 5D you.


你的选择是你是敞开双臂接纳新世界还是继续思念不再存在的旧生活。这个内在的讨论,这个焦虑是你正在处理的,随着你创造完美适合 3D 的你但并不完全适合 5D 的你的碎片


So it is you will create more and more of your 5D joy needs within the framework of this initial comfort zone once you realize that new you is your new reality and you are not limited to one or two creations.


所以你会在这个最初的舒适地带框架中创造更多的 5D 喜悦需求,一旦你意识到新的你是你新的现实,你没有局限于一个或两个创造


You have no limits other than those you impose upon yourself. Which you are likely doing now as you adjust to new you without the fears and limitations of 3D. A new you in a new world indeed. So be it. Amen.


你没有局限,除了那些你强加于自身的。你可能就正在做着,随着你适应新的你而不带 3D 的恐惧和局限。一个新的你在一个新的世界中。就是如此。阿门


翻译:Nick Chan




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